My name is Lewis and likely you have reached this page because you have reached out to work with me. 

I work a little differently to many practitioners and I hope I can explain the reasons why below. 

Unfortunately a big elephant in the room when it comes to HTMA and Mineral Balancing is how many people fall off after the first HTMA. 

Why you may ask?

Well many practitioners charge a small amount for their services, this means they do not have the time or finances to work with you on a close deep basis one-on-one basis.

The truth is, Mineral Balancing and healing the body takes time, in fact we find that it can take alteast 2 years before we get the bulk of toxins out of the body. We call this the “2 year hump”. As a result, people need deep personal work to help them through the process.

Another point is healing is hard, there are many many caveats, and only a truly experienced practitioner and person who has really done the program deep can deeply help you. This is because they have the experience, they have hit highs and lows and they have often experienced pretty much everything the program can throw at you. 

Also by healing the body, the body needs to detox, people go through numerous healing reactions, these healing reactions need to be carefully listened to by a practitioner and proper responses by the practitioner need to be put into place to help people through it. This often takes time and a lot of listening.

Another issue many practitioners run into is they do not slowly ease a client into the program, the program has been developed and improved upon over 40 years. As a result, it is extremely powerful. But, as a result, many practitioners just give people the “full program” and people “dive-in”. This is analogous sometimes to throwing water on a chippan fire. It’s just too strong for people, as a result I need to deeply understand your current situation and slowly ease you into the program over time. 

So are you ready to begin? 

I only want to work with people who are fully committed, who will trust my experience and who will be in touch. 

I charge a monthly fee which includes all of your HTMA tests (4 per year), with this method I can keep in touch consistently and you hold yourself accountable more by working this method. We catch up over the phone every week and you will get a huge 50% discount on supplements (basically starting this membership I will not make any profit on supplements! you will receive them at cost the same as me.)


The cost of this will be £500 per month, which is around $610 per month. 

Be ready for real help and real work if you decide to sign up.

If financially this is not for you I suggest that you use our application to help get the best from your HTMA reporting, we provide the best reports around, healing reports and supplement reports, the link to buy a HTMA is here or if you already have a HTMA sign up to our app and generate a report. 

However, If you are ready to go deep then you can sign up below, once signed up I will be in touch soon!

Please note with this healing and coaching plan I only work with a very small amount of people to give people the best experience possible.