Introduction text

In this report, you will find a detailed review of the significant Hair Mineral Analysis patterns on your HTMA chart.

Hair Analysis is a powerful method of understanding your current mineral makeup. What many people are unaware of is that your cells are the powerhouses of the body. On the other hand, blood is a buffered system, meaning that the body has to keep it in balance as much as possible. Therefore, when toxins accumulate, the body tends to remove these quickly from the blood and shunt them into the cells. As a result, by analyzing the cells, we cannot only see the health of the cells but also get a deep understanding of the toxic metal buildup in the body that is often challenging to gather from other testing methods.

However, there's more. Not only can we view toxic metal accumulation, but we can also see a plethora of other exciting and important patterns that can help you understand the best course of action for your health.

Within HTMA, we can see things such as the oxidation rate, blood sugar and carbohydrate imbalances, energy production, the health of the adrenal glands, cell permeability, digestion and immunity markers, and many more. We can also see things like unhealthy personality tendencies, lifestyle imbalances, overthinking patterns, whether someone is in a chronic fight or flight response and more. In fact, the more we learn about the mineral blueprint of the body, the more patterns are uncovered.

We have discovered 100's Hair Analysis Patterns assessing the health degree on the physical, mental, emotional, lifestyle, and more.

Please read this report carefully, and we wish you well on your journey to health and happiness.

Retest introduction text

The best way to understand retests is to see them as 'the next step.' Improvements come in many shapes and sizes; even tiny changes on a Hair Mineral Analysis test can mean big things. Sometimes, people think they have not made many improvements, but they have. Remember, the test needs to be read as a story, and as a whole, focusing on one number, such as the copper level, is not the best way to view retests.

Retests are critical checkpoints on a program; retests are done to see how the body chemistry has changed over a certain period of time. Sometimes, there are significant changes on a test; sometimes, there are few. The most important thing is that you are moving forward, and even getting a retest in the first place is a big step forward toward your health goals.

For some people, they may feel worse on their. Most of the time, this is because people detox and go through healing reactions (Herxheimer reactions). At times, your personal healing program may need to be adjusted. One may have switched oxidation types, or a mineral ratio may have flipped. In these cases, old supplements may no longer be serving an individual (because often they have done their job), so new supplements are needed, or a change in the diet is required to balance out a person's mineral levels further.

As mentioned above, people often are 'dumping' a lot of heavy metals & toxic minerals, which can cause a person not to feel good. Again, this is a positive sign, as we want the metals released from the body. A large nickel dump, for example, on a test will often be the reason why someone may have been having negative thought patterns recently and even suicidal thoughts. This can make people think the program isn't working. It tends to put a person at ease when they realize it's not them with the negative thoughts. Instead, it was caused by a metal release, in this case, nickel.

Sometimes, it may appear people have yet to make much progress. In reality, they often have underneath; we can see this from slight changes on the test. Other people may have had a very stressful period where their body's energy was used up elsewhere. Some may not have committed too well to certain aspects of their healing program, which could hold them back a little. Whatever the situation is, as we say, all we care about is 'the next step,' which is what's most important.