The Nutritional-Mineral Balancing Program is essentially a detox program (especially in the beginning)

A big stumbling block for most people including myself was understanding what the program actually is. Many people begin the program and feel that if they do more of the program the better they will feel. This usually is not the case, especially in the beginning of the program and it’s important to highlight why. People do of course feel much better, often very quickly but there are times when they do not. This is because a very large proportion of the program is focused on detoxification, so let’s explore this further. 

Most people’s bodies today are toxic. We live in the most toxic era in history. Our soil is polluted, the air is polluted, we cook in toxic cookware, wear toxic perfumes and antiperspirants and bathe and drink often polluted water. 

This gives rise then to a pretty toxic body. Whether it be heavy metals, toxic minerals, chemicals, medicinal drugs, and more. Couple this with poor nutrition stressed lives and many other 21st-century problems and you get a pretty malnourished, toxic body. 

What that means is, many problems are often toxic-based. If you go down to the root of many issues you often find a toxin. Of course, this isn’t always the case, many people are malnourished and stressed too. But the toxin problem is a big one and a large focus of our healing programs. 

As a result, we have many ways of detoxing the body. Ranging from coffee enemas, saunas, specific supplements, nourishment, and more. Just resting and nourishing the body will make people detox. This is because most people’s natural detoxification pathways have been shut down due to stress. By resting and nourishing the body is one way of turning back on these detoxification pathways. 

Therefore, when you start resting more, nourishing the body more and then add on things like saunas and coffee enemas, the body goes from using energy to live and survive to using energy reserves to heal and detox. 

The reason why I have written this article is because this can be confusing for the person embarking on a program. They feel of course that if they do more of the program, the better they will feel. When in reality, if they do more of the program the more they will prime their body for detoxification and direct their body’s energy toward deep healing and detoxification. 

Unfortunately as a result this makes many people stop the program, thinking that it doesn’t work or that they are getting worse. When in reality they are removing all of the things that are holding them back. 

So the question is how best to approach the program?

Well, the best thing to do is understand this deeply. Understand that many aspects of the program are actually designed to detox you, because in order to heal we MUST remove all of the things that are keeping a person sick. Once you understand this process it’s much easier to train your brain to realise that if you feel off, maybe you have brain fog, or increased headaches or something else, that in reality this is positive and you are 1 step further to health and happiness. 

This does take some getting used to and some experience. When you first experience detox reactions they can be confusing, especially if you have never experienced them before. My advice is to read the ‘healing reactions’ section thoroughly as there are areas in that article that explain what is likely happening and how to deal with the situation. Keeping in touch with your practitioner is also a must as they will have much more experience dealing with detox reactions. 

So a question might be, when will I feel better?

Everyone is different but here is how to approach it. 

Understand deeply that we must detoxify and nourish our bodies in order to heal. Once you understand this, embarking on the journey is much easier. When people reduce their stress and improve their nourishment they can often feel much better, they may get some clarity in their thinking or their emotional health improves. Often when this happens it is a good sign that the body is healing and increasing its energy. However at times because the body has more energy it may then decide to release a toxin. This can be confusing and frustrating, because why would I feel bad today if yesterday I  was feeling much better? This is the reason, it is because the body has excess energy it can now use to heal. 

You may experience these waves of feeling better and then going through a detoxification. Some people have a very rapid healing process and feel much much better in months, other people go through waves of feeling good and detoxification that can take several years. As long as you just keep on the path you are moving forwards. 

The answer of when I will feel better generally depends on how toxic a person is and how well they dedicate themselves to the program. If a person really dedicates themselves they are likely to go through a more rapid detoxification process. This can be more challenging because it can be laborious and frustrarting at times feeling all of the toxins come out for so long, but generally, these people come out of the other side quicker because they have removed toxins quicker.

Usually, after a while, if a person stops or slows down the detoxification process they can feel better. This is because the body has been using its excess energy to detoxify. When a person stops the saunas or enemas for a while they can actually feel better. This is because no longer is the person’s energy being used for detoxification instead the body’s energy is diverted more towards living and enjoying life rather than detoxing. 

This can be a balancing act for a while, for example, people that are super toxic generally want to keep doing enemas. This is because when a person starts doing enemas the body begins to get into a rhythm of detoxifying. Therefore if a person stops the enemas for a short period the person may feel worse, this is because the body is in a rhythm of detoxing. Therefore stopping the enemas for some people creates a build-up of toxins so an individual prefers to keep doing them. 

Getting to know the program then is a must, after a while, you can work and dance with the program using it to your advantage. For example, if I know I’ve got an important meeting on Friday you may want to lay off the saunas for a few days to try and ensure you’re not detoxing on Friday for example. 

After a few months but usually a few years on the program the detoxification process begins to diminish, coffee enemas, for example, can be done every day with very little detoxification, same goes for the saunas. Some people still will detox after a few years pretty consistently whilst doing the enemas and saunas but because they have already detoxed so many things if they decide to stop or reduce the detoxification procedures they feel much bettern and can live a normal life. 

Much of healing generally depends on the person. I for example was extremely toxic and went through a large detoxification process in my early years on the program. As mentioned before I had waves of clarity and good feelings of wellbeing in between the detoxification process and this made me realise that the program was working. I, like many others, thought the more of the program I do the better I will feel, when in reality for me the more of the program I did the more detoxification I experienced. This worked to my advantage in one way because I managed to fix my ailments, however, at times I wish I could have read an article like this one because I was confused thinking about when I can feel good all of the time whilst doing the full program. It wasn’t really until after a few years I calmed it down on the detoxification procedures that I started to feel good consistently. This was because I had detoxed so much stuff that by stopping the detox procedures my body’s energy was now being directed into living rather than detoxing. This didn’t mean I had detoxed everything because I hadn’t.

I then went through waves of slowing the program down and enjoying life, to ramping it up to go through more healing and to keep my health maintained. Now I have been doing the program for over 10 years. I can consistently do enemas every day without problems and around 3 saunas per week without any issues. However, if I was to do saunas every day, and take full-dosage supplements I will most likely go through more healing and detox reactions. This is how toxic we are!!! However, I have removed so many toxins that by slowing down the program and keeping it at more of a maintenance level I can consistently live an energetic happy life free of all of the ailments I had a few years ago, and believe me I had A LOT!!

So hopefully you have been given a better insight into the program and what to expect, it certainly helps I believe to put things in black and white in order for you to really understand what the healing program is all about!!