• Sylvie Jans
    Susan Cachay's HTMA Success course is a valuable tool to have as a practitioner to help balance your clients’ body chemistry towards a better health. With Susan's years of experience and her great organizational skills, she guided me throughout the course with directness and clarity. Thanks to Susan, I am now starting my own practice as a practitioner.
    Sylvie Jans
  • I was looking for the best possible coach after I outgrew my first NB practitioner during the first year. The choice for Susan Cachay was a natural one as she was and is simply the best. Susan has been mentoring me for 8 years now. I appreciate Susan combining her experience with HTMAs and NB programs and the latest scientific research to provide clients with the most efficient and up-to-date healing possible. And I love her warm, human touch. I definitely recommend Susan as a coach to anyone who is ready to dive deep into the world of balancing body chemistry.
    Kairi Kuha
  • Amahl B. Van Halsema
    I’ve been a nutritional therapist for 38 years. When I added Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to my teaching 15 years ago, I wondered if I would ever learn all the encyclopedic material! Susan’s mentorship has been such a blessing, her coaching for me has been both collaborative and instructive. Of her many attributes, I appreciate most her kindness, her attention to detail, and her vast and knowledgeable approach to each client case I present to her. I feel I couldn’t do the nutritional balancing work nearly as well without her guidance and expertise.
  • Kathy Desser
    I highly recommend Susan Cachay. Not only was she a great coach for Hair Mineral Analysis, she was also my personal health consultant. I can’t even imagine where I would be or what state I would be in without this program. I really believe HTMA can help mankind in a way never seen before. Thank you, Susan, for teaching others about something so important. Grateful for you!
    Kathy Desser
  • Koay Yih Zi
    Susan Cachay is an excellent coach with many years of experience in mineral balancing. She provides clear and pertinent guidance and is always prompt in responding to questions. I highly recommend her as a coach and source of extensive knowledge and practical understanding.
    Koay Yih Zi
    Health Balancing
  • Cressida Elias
    Susan is a thorough coach and always ready with an appropriate answer for any queries regarding hair analysis and client issues! Susan has been the linchpin in my training and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with her now for nearly 7 years.
    Cressida Elias
    Hair Analysis UK
  • Kyle Peche
    This certification has empowered me to live my dream of healing others and getting life-changing results with clients. Susan has gone above and beyond in providing everything needed to build a solid foundation in the science, launch your practice upon completion, and eventually become a skilled practitioner; all while offering close support every step of the way. I cannot thank her enough for working to spread this incredible healing science far and wide!
    Kyle Peche
    Jyoti Mineral Balancing
  • Lauren Eyton-Jones
    With the course we get access not only to reference guides and fantastic education, but also to forms and questionnaires that can be used with clients.  On top of that, Susan’s guidance for one year post-graduating is invaluable for a new practitioner. She is prompt in answering questions, and her knowledge base—covering many areas of health, wellness, and the path to recovery—is vast. I highly recommend her training for anyone who would like to enter this field.
    Lauren Eyton-Jones
  • Rosemary Slade
    I highly recommend Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Science, as taught by Susan. I had 5 years of providing Nutritional Balancing as a helper/practitioner for another provider. When I discovered that Susan was teaching a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Science Practitioner course, I signed up right away because I just knew this course would be what I was looking for. Susan has many years of experience in this field and understands this work deeply. Whether you are “seasoned” or very new at this, you will be in good hands with Susan’s course. I learned a lot of new things, greatly broadened my skill set and gained the confidence and knowledge that I provide top-notch service to my clients with what I have learned from this course.  The course is well-thought out and presented so you can do it easily at your own pace. Additionally, Susan is an excellent teacher and mentor. The feedback she provides is timely, well thought out, articulate, easy to understand and easy to apply. Join the real health revolution so you too can help people heal body/mind/spirit at deep, profound levels as a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Science Practitioner. Tap into Susan’s deep body of knowledge and sign up. You will be glad you did!
    Rosemary Slade
    Better Living With Rosemary