Welcome to the Deep Healing Human Development Program.

Hello, my name is Lewis, and thank you for your interest in our Deep Healing Program.

This page is designed as an introductory article to see whether this healing program is the right fit for you.

Briefly, over 15 years ago, I was not feeling good at all. I was brain fogged, detached from reality, deep in depression, I had fatigue, racing mind, confusion, social anxiety, consistent skin problems, and more.

This, unfortunately, went on for around 6 years. Dr's were no help, often telling me my issues were in my head. I trusted the food on the shelves, I trusted the world around me and in order to escape from my own mind I was heavily into drinking and I often took drugs at the weekend. Dr's always told me when you feel bad exercise was the answer. So I exercised sometimes obsessively, at times for 10hours a day. I thought I could 'run' my way out of my problems. Unfortunately, if anything it made it worse, and only now do I know I was just burning myself out further...

When I was 21, I came across an article on the internet by a Dr called Lawrence Wilson. His article was on Brain Fog and it was the first time someone has not only explained my problems but also explained that often these symptoms are more physical in nature. Due in part to weak adrenals, toxic accumulation, poor lifestyle choices, fungal infections, and more.

Intuitively I knew I had found something special, not only could I get answers to brain fog on his website but 100s of more symptoms I had. .I knew deep down I was going to have to find something magical to get me out of the mess I was in and I felt like I had found it.

I immediately tried to take his advice on board and for the first time in 6 years, I saw some relief from my foggy brain.

Unfortunately, I didn't realise that by this point my body was completely and utterly exhausted, naively thinking it may take several months to fix my problems in reality it took longer.

However, along the way, amazing things began to happen. It seems that healing the body properly not only makes your physical symptoms better but it does a myriad of other fascinating things as well.

Old traumas that partly put me in the position naturally came up to be released for healing, it seems the body can heal traumas naturally if given the right ingredients. My personality became fully integrated with my being. I noticed I began to mature rapidly and the universe seemed to start to conspire in my favour rather than being always against me (similar to the secret if you are familiar with that body of work).

It was a profound journey but of course not without its challenges.

When you make a commitment to fully healing the body you must also make a commitment to a few other things. I have listed a few important principles below.

1. Healing the body and rebuilding organs often takes time, many people who come to me have exhausted other areas of healing so the bodies are fairly weak and depleted. The mindset you must have is to move forward day by day, building upon the day before and having gratitude for the opportunity to fully heal.

2. What goes in must come out. Modern-day society is not fully aware of the damages of toxins (or they are but it's not fully mainstream).They are all around us, from pollution, the cookware, to smoking, body lotions, mold exposure, medical drugs, recreational drugs, and a 1000 more. When the body is weak, it has no choice but to 'store' these toxins deep into tissues as it doesn't have the energy to remove them. When starting the Deep Healing Program, the body suddenly has the energy and the support to start removing these toxins. Some common ones are mercury, aluminum, arsenic, nickel, toxic forms of copper, manganese, and others including 1000s of toxic chemicals. When these toxins move from a storage site into the blood you get healing reactions. Healing reactions are great signs of healing but they can feel pretty bad at times. It's important to understand that these reactions need to happen and hopefully with my help we can decipher what is happening and what to do. For example, detoxing copper can make your mind race more, you may get sleep disturbances and other symptoms, aluminum can make you forgetful, mercury can give you apathy, iron can make you angry, and more. Navigating healing reactions is probably the most difficult part of healing, but ironically it's the most important part, because 99% of the time if you go right down to the root cause of issues, you will often find a toxin...

3. Commitment. You must be committed to healing, determined, and direct your will in a healthy direction to move forwards and heal, doing the program sloppily or not doing enough will at the worse stop the program and at the best slow it down dramatically.

There are often other stones in the road on this journey but the above are the most important.

The benefits of this program are far-reaching, your health often dramatically improves over time and permanently. You have energy on a day-to-day basis improves and suddenly you have the energy to do what you want, your whole vibration just gets higher and you begin to attract the attention you deserve and maybe most importantly it gives you the tools to discover your true purpose in this life!!!

So with that short introduction to the program. The details to begin are below.

The main program costs £200 ($270 USD)

This includes
- A HTMA Chart, this is to see exactly what is going off on a mineral/ cellular level in your body. With this tool we will be able to see a plethora of things, from carbohydrate tolerance to adrenal strength, mental exertion, toxic metal accumulation, and many more. It is the bedrock for your own personal healing program.

- A 15-30 page report- I have created the most advanced HTMA report currently available. Using the information from HTMA and health pioneers including my own 15years' of experience in health and healing our reports dive deep into what your problems are and how to solve them.- A supplement recommendation sheet. The supplements are targeted to you as an individual based on your HTMA test.
- A phone consultation through landline or skype depending on what country you live in.
- A check-in once a month for 3 months via phone call or skype audio call.

-Email support for 3 months, if you have a problem send me an email and I will reply.

We ideally want you to get a retest after 3-6months. Retests are the same price, or you can get one for £160 but this doesn't include the phone check-ins per month. The phone check-ins are highly recommended because it's easy for people to sway off if they are not getting checked up on. It will also give you some good momentum, but if finances are low the option is there for a cheaper version.

That's everything if you think that is something you would be interested in you can buy below.


I look forward to helping you