Preparation and what to expect

In this section, I want to briefly discuss some preparation needed for the program. This program is often different from what people expect in the mainstream healthcare system. We live in a quick-fix world where people assume a pill or even a simple dietary change will solve all of their problems. This unfortunately isn’t quite the case. Rather, the human body is an incredibly complex entity. It works together as a system and therefore a more holistic approach is needed to re-nourish, detoxify and rejuvenate the body.  We believe that if you go down to the root cause of many ailments you will discover a toxin or mineral imbalance of some sort a lot of the time. Whether it be a heavy metal, toxic mineral, ratio imbalance or chemical. As a result detoxification is needed, and you will most likely experience what we call ‘healing reactions’. It is imperative to understand how healing reactions work so you can be aware of them before they come up. Don’t worry about them, usually they are benign and pass within a day or two, however sometimes in some people they can be a little more aggressive so it is important to understand them and be prepared for them when they appear. As a result we have a dedicated healing reactions section within the report, so it is very important that you study this section in-particular because usually the main reason why people quit the program is because they have a detoxification reaction and they are not aware about what is or what to do. As a result they can think they are getting worse, when in reality they are removing things that will make them feel better.

As mentioned earlier the program is a big change to many people’s lives and some common problems can arise if you are not prepared. Here are a few of the most common problems people tend to come up against.

1.      A need for much more rest. Most people’s bodies today are very sick. It’s probably the reason why you are following this program. Logically, when something is sick it needs rest. And you are the exact same. Many people’s lives are very chaotic, people are used to going out often, visiting many friends and working long hours. I’m not saying you need to stop all of this, however, you will probably need to rearrange some things so you can adequately rest. Be prepared to feel more exhaustion sometimes on the program as you heal. Usually people have to give up their stimulants that keep them going, things like coffee, sugar and even emotions like anger all need to go for full healing to occur. This can make you feel more tired as the body adjusts and the true exhaustion of a person has surfaced, this can be anxiety producing at times, and some people think understandably (including myself) that things are getting worse, when in reality your body has just exposed the need for more rest. The best advice would be to restructure your life so you can sleep earlier, 9pm or even earlier is the best. We appreciate that for most people this is hard, but at least try to reduce your bedtime hours if you are sleeping at 12pm or after. Some people have to rethink their work life and cut down on overextending themselves in order to properly heal.Sometimes at work it’s just a case of slowing down your thinking, in other cases you may have to rethink your job or career in order to prioritise rest and healing. Adequate rest should be part of your life FOREVER. A common mistake is thinking you can do the program for a few months and then go back to the 10-12 hour long exhausting work days. A better way to think about it is to set your life up like living in a spa. That’s how I think about it and it’s way more fun and relaxing. One trap that keeps us in the exhaustion mindset is our upbringing. Parents, teachers, peers and just the general world climate tells us that resting is lazy, and you’ll never get anywhere in life without hard work. I disagree, there is certainly room and time to work, for example this whole healing program meant I had to put alot of effort into it, but I never overextended myself. it’s a very important part of a balanced lifestyle, but you don’t have to work yourself to death in order to generate some income. My grandfather always says to me, “They say hard work never killed anybody… it’s a lie, it’s killed millions”. I think he’s correct. 

2.     The potential problem with family and friends. Family and friends can be a help or a hindrance. Unfortunately for a lot of people they can be a problem. As mentioned earlier, this program is much different to most people’s ideas of healing. A lot of people think that a pill or a psychologist will fix all of our problems. This in our experience is not the case for deep healing to occur. When on the program some people for example lose weight initially. This is a good sign, the body is aligning itself usually into it’s correct body mass index. A lean body is natural and healthy, however many friends and family may for example say that you have a problem because you are losing weight. Or when a healing reaction comes up, like extra fatigue, a headache or similar, parents and friends can use that as charge to tell you what you are doing is wrong. This is difficult and many people experience it. We find in general telling friends and family too much can make things worse. Many learn to keep things quiet if people surrounding them are making things difficult. After a while when they see that you are doing much better in your health the comments tend to go. In the early days I didn’t tell people I did enemas, after a while though when I knew they were helping me alot I didn’t hesitate so much to tell people, when you come from a place of low confidence people can pick up on that energy and use it to their advantage, unfortunately. 

3.      Finances. Everyone has different financial help or challenges. One of our biggest aims on the program is for the program to be available to everyone. In general the program is generally not too expensive. However, expenses are a sliding scale in pretty much anything. For example the supplement recommendations can be pricey for some if you are taking the full dosage which is often 3x daily. However we say if you need to take 2 or even 1 per day to save money then this is fine. Even if you cannot afford supplements at all the program will still move you forwards so don’t fret. Other examples are food. We ideally like people to eat organic food. A weekly shop of all the organic food on the program can come to around $68-95 USD (£50-£70) per week per person. However many people cannot afford this, including myself in the beginning of my journey. However, we say fresh or even frozen is next best. You can buy frozen vegetables very cheap and even things like frozen lamb are fairly cheap. We say use a scale for buying your food starting from organic – fresh – frozen – canned. Find where your budget fits in there and try to buy accordingly. If you can get financial help from family or friends then don’t feel guilty about it. Your health is the most important thing to focus on, infact your health should become your work. You may not be religious but the kingdom of heaven or the persuit of happiness really is an inside job, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

4.     Healing reactions. This is often the most challenging aspect of the program to prepare for. For some people it is counterintuitive to sometimes feel worse before you get better, but logically this must happen. There are dozens of toxic metals and literally thousands of chemicals within the body. Not to mention old traumas, tight muscular systems and more, all need to be unwound and released. This could come as a flare up of an old infection as the body has more energy to release dormant infections, or a flare up of a rash, or sleep disturbances when things like copper, a neurotoxin is released from the body etc. Fortunately we are very adept at dealing with healing reactions. Please checkout the healing reactions section to understand what may come up and how to deal with them in the moment to move through the reactions as smoothly as possible.

5.     Changes in awareness and perception. This is a tricky one, because often people are not even aware of how their brain is functioning. When a person is sick the brain does not function properly, people feel numb, their thinking is slow, illogical, neurotic, dull and foggy to name a few. Therefore as the brain is nourished and toxins are removed people’s thinking improves, often dramatically. All of a sudden they may realise they are in an unhealthy relationship, or maybe a friend is taking advantage of them. Before, their energy levels and brain functioning just couldn’t deal with the issue and to a degree it wasn’t even fully aware of it. When the brain heals people’s thinking improves, their logical mind improves and all of a sudden they become aware of things that they weren’t aware of before and they need to change. This can be a shock at first but it is always in a person’s best interests. Also, as healing occurs, the brain and mind has more awareness. Belief systems like a lack of self love come up for review or one’s own selfishness or anger may suddenly come into one’s awareness. Believe it or not, it needed deep nutrition for the mind to suddenly have the energy to realise its unhealthy thought patterns.

So that is It for this section, in the beginning sometimes it may feel like a roller coaster for some, thus we think its important to highlight some potential pitfalls so if and when they occur it isn’t such a shock, please refer to this platform regularly to work your way through situations. Once they are overcome, things start to run much smoother. A good analogy is a rocket ship blasting off into space. The first phase is quite turbulent and difficult until you reach the clouds where it gets a little easier and then space. After a while there is a certain smoothness, the program is easily integrated into your life and you glide through life with your new health.