Practitioner reports

Are you a practitioner? Are you wanting custom, branded HTMA reports for your clients? You have come to the right place.

Speed up reporting

Client reporting can be cumbersome, complex and time-consuming. This app makes reporting easy, simple and accurate.


There are literally 100s of HTMA patterns ratios. Often it can be a challenge to get all the patterns and then ensure they are accurate. Our reporting app takes the worry out of accurate reporting.

Modern and Professional reports

As a practitioner it can be difficult to get a professional, modern and detailed report. If you are not tech-savvy this can be an added problem. Take the stress out of creating professional-looking reports for your clients.


Get your reports branded with your logo, contact details, colors, and even fonts. Just tell us what you would like changing and we will make your report as bespoke as possible.

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Extra Patterns

Some patterns on a HTMA are more delicate and personal. Patterns like abuse patterns or vampire patterns are not added on the main reports. You can checkout any additional patterns like these in the practitioner app..

Take your reporting

To the next level

Professional, simple, accurate