Mindset and Psychology

As you can imagine your mindset, personality, belief systems and more can and will play a huge role in your healing and happiness. Old toxic thought patterns need to be released and replaced with new ones. Old ways of thinking and being may also need to be replaced with more wholesome truths and ways of thinking here are some important tips.

Always note that when you are sick and toxic this has an immediate affect on your mental health. It doesn’t take rocket scientist to come to the conclusion that if the mind is full of toxins like mercury and arsenic then you will also feel bad mentally. So Its always wise to in a way ‘blame’ some poor thinking and feelings onto metal or chemical toxicity. This can help a lot. As many people say to me I feel suicidal, or I have evil thoughts all the time. In reality nickel is often related to suicide and things like arsenic and lead can make people have dark thinking. So a better thing to say is I have nickel that makes me feel suicidal or  arsenic is giving me dark thoughts. This is in-fact the truth a lot of the time. It makes life much easier to realise that most of your toxic feelings and thoughts is actually not you but toxins.

Below is a list of toxins and how they make people feel.

NICKEL – Suicidal thoughts, it is quite amazing to have people tell me they are suicidal and then I see their hair tests and almost every single time they have high nickel or are dumping nickel, it is quite astounding.

ARSENIC – This can give you a dark, doom and gloom feeling, it can also affect the heart and gives people heart flutters or chest pain. 

MANGANESE- We call toxic manganese manganese madness. This is because manganese can literally make you feel mad. People that mined manganese used to feel like they were going insane, this is where it gets it’s name manganese madness. 

ALLUMINIUM- Alluminium can make you feel foggy, but most distinctly it makes you completely forget things. People with high aluminium are very forgetful, and when you are dumping aluminium temporarily you will forget things.

COPPER- Copper is a powerfull neurotoxin and causes many effects upon peoples mental and emotional health. The main ones are chronic overthinking, spaciness and detatchment, neurocity, mood swings, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, brain fog and more.

CADMIUM- This can give someone a false sense of strength, violence, anti-social behaviour and more.

MERCURY- in the olden days when folk made top hats they used to line them with mercury. They noticed that people started going crazy. The mad hatter in alice in wonderland is based on the people that used to go mad wearing top hats because of mercury exposure.

ARSENIC: Arsenic is called the slow death mineral. It is sometimes hard to know when you are releasing it because its quite dark and insidious, however it shows well on hair analysis tests

LEAD: Lead is very similar to arsenic however the feeling is usually more intense. Lead makes you feel very heavy and dark.

As you can see minerals play a huge role in mental health so a very good habit is to try not to think that ‘you’ are the cause of your own thoughts, often it’s the toxins and many poor thoughts and thinking patterns simply disappear as you detox and remove these from storage sites.

Here are some excellent mental habits you can begin to cultivate for healing, maturity and health.

1.Take full responsibility for yourself and things that happen in your life. This basically means, don’t be a victim. Stop blaming your problems on other people. Yes, another person or job may be a cause of why you are thinking terribly but only you can change the situation, so stop being a victim right away, take responsibility and change the problem. Thinking this way gives you power and confidence. Taking full responsibility for your life means things like taking good care of your money, take excellent care of your health, take responsilibity for what you put into your body and your mental garden. Stop blaming parents or others for your short falls. If you need to improve on our mathametics for example, take a course. If you need to improve your communication skills go to a place like toastmasters. The point is, as an adult you now have the tools to heal your life and fix your life. Also realise that maybe overcoming your hardships and shortfalls actually makes you a wiser, better more skillfull person. For example I am truly grateful for my poor health, Im grateful for my mother who over cared for me because i learned how to be independant, I am grateful for all the times I was bullied because by overcoming these I am much much wiser, more aware and happier.

2. Gratitude is an excellent habit to cultivate and can literally make you feel great instantly. This is because when one feels grateful the mind cannot hold a negative thought at the same time. When I  was exploring gratitude I realised after a while that I when growing up my parents always used to tell me to be ‘thankful’ I therefore decided to switch the word to thankful which landed better for me. Being thankful for even the small things in life is extremely powerful. At the end of the day we always have something to be grateful for. It doesn’t really matter how small it is or how terrible you feel. Are you thankful you have a roof over your head and are not on the streets. Are you greatful for finding this resource to heal which may be putting things into a clearer perspective? Are you thankful you havnt been eaten by a tiger today? Try to catch yourself when you start playing the victim and try to think about all the things you are thankful for. I will say as you heal and your mind becomes healthier this does get easier. But its important to get into this habit now rather than later. Some people like to keep a gratitude list and write 10points everyday once in a morning and once at night.

3. Think in a positive direction. This can be a stumbling block for a lot of people including myself in the past. You hear, just think positive, always think positive. With this mindset people think that all they should do is think in a positive direction when clearly something is wrong and needs to be dealt with appropriately. If a child for example decides to paint your living wall room black, obviously this action is not appropriate and the child should be told this is wrong. However instead of getting in a hump and depressed about it realise no one is injured and it wont kill you, laugh about it, tell some friends and paint over it. Thinking positive simply means stop always looking on the black side of everything especially when one doesn’t know the full situation. Often it is best to hold judgment until you hear the full story of a situation and then act appropriately. Thinking positive doesn’t mean being jumpy and jolly all the time in every situation, it simply means hope for the best, realise everything is working for good, you don’t know the full situation of anything and life is short so don’t waste it thinking black all the time.

4. Think wholesomely and have good foundations and guidelines. What I mean by this is that at the moment society is pretty chaotic. We live in a world where you can basically have any belief in the western world without anyone batting an eyelid. This is actually a big problem. Its disguised under the idea of individualism. In reality it causes a breakdown of society because there are no standards to look up to or base your life around. In the past we used things like a bible as a guideline to create healthy morals and values. Unfortunately things like the bible have been beaten and battered down by the very people who really want people to be confused, mixed up and sick. I would say pick up the bible and try to have more traditional ways of thinking. I understand that the word traditional is somewhat of a dirty word. But things like the 10 commandements, the golden rule of loving your neighbour the way you would love yourself and things like not having sex before marriage which often just confuses things and spreads dirt and STDs is actually excellent and even more important today because people literally have no compass anymore. Other excellent things to is watch our youtube videos, read dr wilsons website and be focused on more grounded conservative ways of thinking. Again, its not sexy or groovy to do these sorts of stuff these days, but believe me, creating order from this extreme chaos we find ourselves in is what it will take to heal deeply.

5. Learning to let go. This is an interesting perspective about life and it applies to many people who are currently ill and full of toxic metals. Often these people have to LET GO of things. These can be people, attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, personality patterns, jobs, ideas, teachers and more. Many people think life is all about gaining things or adding onto. When in reality a lot of healing is about removing things. Think of it like a spring clean. In order to get your house in order you must throw out the old rubbish, old materials and clean up the dirt and dust. I guess you see this with ‘horders’. These people who hoard in houses actually do it because they don’t want to let go of the past. Usually its because of a trauma and they are afraid somewhat of the future. This is the same as ourselves. We must let go of the past in order to make way for the future. This is scary for many people because as terrible as the past may be, they are used to it and understand it, afterall they are still around to tell the tale. The future on the other hand has not yet been made so it can be scary and anxiety producing. What people must realise is that in reality when you let go of the past and make way for the future, more of yourself shines through because you remove the dirt and dust which is parts of your unhealthy past. This gives way to a brighter, happier you that thinks and acts more independently and this is a much healthier way of approaching life. So start today by thinking about what needs to go in your life. Do you need to clean up your house? Do you need to let go of that toxic friend? Do you need to change your job? Do you need to stop doing them toxic thought patterns that hold you back?