What is hairanalysis.report

Hair Analysis Report is an online HTMA application. The app analyzes HTMA reports and generates multiple reports ranging from a full analysis of the HTMA including symptom analysis, a healing program based on the HTMA and a fully automated supplement report. 

Why did we make hairanalysis.report? - HTMA is a complex subject, but can be made simple with the creation of proper reports. We found many reports to be outdated, old-fashioned and some were simply incorrect. Our app is renowned for it's incredible accuracy and it is used by top HTMA practitioners around the globe aswell as individuals wanting to learn more about their HTMA. 

1. Before using our app you need to create an account. 

2. If you already have an account make sure you are logged in and then generate a report

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Looking for a quick overview of what our application can do? Checkout the video below.

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