Now we are onto the lifestyle section of the program. I would say that lifestyle is up there at the same level as the diet when it comes to importance. Without a healthy lifestyle, you can do all of the program and not move forward very well especially if you don’t get adequate rest. One extremely important thing to realise is that the body is essentially sick and when anything is sick the best thing to do is to rest. The more you can rest the quicker you can heal. The body has to balance it’s energy, if your energy is mainly directed towards stress and intense work, then there is little energy going into rejuvenation and healing.

However it is not usually a great idea to keep telling yourself you are sick, a better idea is to try and turn that thought positive and appreciate you are giving yourself deep rejuvenation and positive healing, this in essense is your work and a very important one. HUmanity needs to heal as a whole so this should be your number one job.

A large issue people have today is assuming more exercise will mean more healing. This is pushed quite heavily by the mainstream, however when the body is burned out (which is most people) then heavy exercise actually ends up burning the body out even more even if the individual gets a short burst of good feelings.

The biggest problem is that people find it so hard to rest, mainly because they have been brought up in a world that almost vilifies rest. Parents call us lazy, we must work endless hours just to pay our rent and we may apply the idea that only money and materialism can lead to happiness and success, which is incorrect but an easy trap to fall into. Some work of course is healthy but overwork and therefore overstress is not sustainable.

In this section then we are going to explore how to rearrange your lifestyle in order to heal and rejuvenate.

Let’s start with the most important part, and this is simply to slow down, rest, and sleep more. We live in a quick-fix, high-paced, chaotic world, and trying to keep up with this insanity often just burns a person out. You want to be trying to set up your life so that you can rest much more. The first thing you need to try and do is to get to bed earlier. When the sun goes down at night and the blue light of the sky is no longer there. The body naturally starts to go into ‘sleep and rejuvination mode’ through its circadian rhythm. So, if you stay up past 10pm the body will start to become stressed and release adrenal stress hormones to keep you awake. Many people are in a state of adrenal inversion. Where they feel more tired in a morning and more awake at night this is because the adrenal hormones have been inverted, where more is being released at night and less in the morning. This needs to be switched around so one feels tired at night and more awake in the morning. This is a big sign of burnout which is extremely common today.

Please sleep for as long as possible, if you need to sleep for 10 or even 12 hours do so, this is your body healing and resting. As you begin to heal at times you will feel more tired, sometimes exhausted. This is because your body is healing an organ, or using energy to detox. Surrender to this tiredness, it’s like taking your burned-out car with the pedal to the metal off the race track and into the garage to get a full repair.

When slowing down you may initially feel more tired in the beginning of the program. This can be confusing for people. However, the reason why this happens is because most people run on stimulants. This could be sugar, caffeine, alcohol, stress, and even emotions like anger and frustration. These things whip the adrenals and send people into chronic states of fight or flight or the body goes into an alarm stress response reaction. This gives people energy, but it could be called false energy. Once these stimulants are removed, the adrenals are no longer being stimulated artificially, and people feel more tired. This is actually a good thing because now the adrenal glands and other glands like the thyroid go through a deep resting period. This happened to me, it was very unpleasant, however I read that this could happen because of the above. I trusted the process and eventually after my body had rested my energy eventually returned without the need for stimulants. 

In the daytime try to start off slowly, a good routine is called the morning spa routine. Here is the basic outline. You will learn more about the other procedures in this morning spa routine later on. This article has been taken from Dr Lawrence Wilson and slightly edited for this program. 


To have more fun with the program, think of it as your personal daily spa experience.  Below are several basic spa routines. 

Ideally, do your routine in the morning.  The best is to go to bed by 8 PM and wake up between 4:30 and 5:30 AM.  This will give you some time to do your routine in peace.  Its easier if you work for yourself and can ensure you have plenty of time in the morning. 


Upon awakening:

1. Turn on your red heat lamp sauna or steam sauna to pre-heat it, especially if it is in a cold room.  Pre-heating the sauna is not absolutely necessary, but it will enhance the sauna session and it will save time. Also if you have a cold room a space heater can help alot, you turn on the space heating to heat the room and then the sauna also warms up easier. 

2. While waiting for the sauna to heat up to 90 to 100 degrees F or about 33 to 38 degrees C., drink a few large glasses of water – up to a litre of either spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water. You could also drink while in the sauna but it is a little better to drink before going into the sauna.  

3. While waiting for the sauna to heat up, go to the kitchen and add your pre-cut up vegetables to the pressure cooker, or cut some up and add them in.  These will be for breakfast, or you can make enough for breakfast, lunch and even dinner, as well.

Ideally, you will pressure cook the vegetables when it is breakfast time.  You can add meat to the pressure cooker, as well.

Another alternative that is not quite as good is to place them in a plastic electric steamer.  Set the timer for about 40 minutes so that your breakfast will be ready when you are done with your sauna.  You can add some chicken, lamb, or hamburger to the steamer.

4. You could also brush your hair and/or brush your teeth while waiting for the sauna to heat up.

5. Then get in the sauna.  To save time, during the sauna session, you can: 1) relax, 2) rub your feet (foot reflexology), 3) do the finger mindfulness exercise and pulling down exercise, 4) brush your skin, and 5) roll your neck and twist a little.

6. After the sauna, either shower quickly, or just towel off and you will shower later, after your coffee enema.  If you shower, you should not need a lot of soap and do not clog up your skin pores with lotion or other toxic products.  Also, do not make the water too hot in the shower – it should not be needed.

7. Then rest at least 10 or 15 minutes to allow the body to readjust.  While you are resting after the sauna, twist your spine as recommended to make sure the spine is adjusted properly.  

After your rest, either do a coffee enema and vaginal coffee implant if you have time, or go eat breakfast.


              1. Prepare the coffee.  Preferably boil the coffee for 12-13 minutes.  You could use a coffee maker instead, which shuts off automatically.  However, it makes fairly weak coffee so you might have to run it through twice and use a little more coffee.

A very powerful method is to make enough for two enemas and do them back to back.  Women can also do a vaginal coffee implant while they do a coffee enema, which is also very powerful.

            To make the coffee cool quickly, use a small amount of water when boiling the coffee.  After it is done, add more cold water to cool down the mixture.

            While waiting for your coffee to boil, you could cut up your vegetables so they are ready for pressure-cooking, or you can put them in an electric steamer to cook them. 

              2. Lie down and retain the coffee at least 10 minutes and preferably for 15 to 20 minutes.  For instructions on how to do this, read Coffee Enemas.  At the same time, women can do a vaginal coffee implant.  

3. Aim a red heat lamp at your abdomen if they do not cause EMF reactions during the coffee enema (s).  The red heat lamp energy is excellent for most everyone except for a few very sensitive to EMFs.  

4. The mindfulness finger and pushing down exercise.  The best time to do these two excersises is during your coffee cleanses. If you do 2 back to back enemas you can do this exercise for 40minutes and also if you do it in the sauna for 20mins that brings it up to an hour which is ideal for people especially those stuck in sympathetic dominance. 

4. Expel the coffee, clean up, and either do a sauna session or eat breakfast.  See the information about sauna sessions above.


Carrot juice.  This is less important than the procedures above.  If you want to have carrot juice, fifteen minutes or more before breakfast or before another meal, you can drink 10-12 ounces of carrot juice, or less for children. Be careful with this because often people can be too sensitive to the sugars in carrot juice.  

If you have trouble drinking all the carrot juice at once due to its high sugar content, drink a little and put the rest of the glass in the refrigerator to drink later in the day.

G. Wait at least 15 minutes after carrot juice before eating anything else.  Then eat properly (9 cups of cooked vegetables daily), resting a little before and after your meals.

H. Take your supplements. The correct ones are essential and will move you ahead much faster.  If you are going through a severe healing reaction you can reduce them.

I. Rest and relax as much as possible, and take life easy.  If possible, take a nap or two every day.  This may only take 15 minutes, or at times, it may take an hour or more.

J. A short, gentle walk every day is also excellent.  If you prefer, use a treadmill or lift light weights.

This spa morning takes about 2 hours or a little more.  If you must work or have other obligations, then go to bed early and do as much of the spa routine as you can.


              1. Live, rather than exist.  Did you know that most people just exist.  To live, you must first come alive inside with nutritional balancing science. 

              The alternative.  This is to first “come alive in Christ”, extend your life, and rise out of the short, earthly, sickly life.  Then you can more safely and more happily participate in society. 

You can rise out of the sickly life easily with a nutritional balancing program, although it may not be apparent at first.  It will take at least 5 years, however, and maybe much more.  However, when you are healed to a certain degree, life on earth becomes much easier, more fun, less worrisome, more profitable, happier – and you will outlive your foes.  The rest of the suggestions below will help you to do this most easily.

2. Live a quiet life in general, this doesnt mean do nothing but dont strive for chaos, ‘busyness’ life will be extremely full loving a more quieter life as it is.  This is actually not the case if you follow the NB spa experience.  Your body will undergo a kind of revolution, with drastic improvement of your health.  However, it will not be that apparent to others, as most of it happens inside the body.  So it will look as though you are living a fairly quiet, mundane life.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but it is often best to do the spa routine quietly.  You need not share it with many friends or even extended family.  They won’t understand and may ridicule you or ostracize you, neither of which is helpful.

3. Men, in particular, but both men and women need to limit sexual fluid loss.  You can still have fun with your sexual partner, preferably your spouse, but limit sexual fluid loss because too much loss will stop healing.  This has been known for millennia.  Ignore the psychologists who tell us the opposite.  They are wrong.

4. Relax a lot.  This is critical.  Spiritually there is no problem that God and the angels cannot solve, so relax.  There is no disease, no war, no famine and no disaster that the Creator cannot avert or heal.  So please relax.  In fact, try to imagine that “All is happening for your good”.  This, in fact, is the truth, although it is often not apparent.  

That is the basis of the morning spa routine.

Some other important lifestyle points is to try to eat slowly, think slower and move slower. When I was at my worst I tried to do everything slow, sometimes I felt like a sloth but I am glad I did it even though it was very hard in the beginning. I wasn’t always perfect and I had my fair share of learning from my mistakes often through trial and error. But eventually I realised that a more steady, quiet life was better.

Some good things to do when trying to slow down are. 

  1. Go on walks and pretend your feet are very heavy. You could even buy some foot weights, this helps you calm down and learn to be slower. 
  2. Turn off your phone when you do not need it, phones are basically designed these days to take your attention. They cause more stress than good. I only turn on my phone when I need to, and I ensure people have my office phone or you are constantly bombarded with distractions. 
  3. Figure out ways to relax. Go to spas, watch films with your spouse or on your own, go out with friends for a meal rather than to to nightclubs. 
  4. Set a reminder every day to stop working and put your things down
  5. Start reading more or listen to audiobooks to relax
  6. Listen to soft relaxing music or surround yourself with nature 
  7. Put the program first, by doing this it will automatically force you to slow down. 

Often doing these things in the beginning of the program is very important for most people, the reason is that they have in general been chronically doing the opposite. So busyness is almost hard-wired into them. Force and effort is needed to learn how to slow down and take things easy but it is imperative for deep healing to occur. 

Take some time now to write down some things that you think you can do to slow down.


  1. If you always use an alarm to get up in a morning this means you should either be going to bed earlier, or trying to wake up later. If you rely on an alarm to wake up this means your body isnt getting the rest it needs. I’m not saying stop using an alarm you may still need it, but look at ways of sleeping earlier or getting up later. 
  2. Get a diary or a notepad and write down everything you are doing in the day generally. You may wake up and spend an hour on your phone, or when you return from work you may usually go to the gym. Or when you are at work you may be doing things when on your break. Try to look at all the things you can convert into rest. When I first started I had to find tiny blocks of time to just lay down and perhaps meditate.
  3. Go on some slow walks. When you are walking, pretend that you have heavy weights attached to your feet or suction cups. Feel your feet being sucked to the ground and walk slowly. This is a great exercise for grounding.


I fell like many others into the myth of ‘if I feel bad I should exercise’. However, the vast majority of people on the planet at the moment have some degree of adrenal burnout. In-fact I am yet to see an initial hair mineral analysis test that didn’t show some degree of adrenal fatigue. Exercise stresses the adrenal glands, often people are addicted to exercise or think exercise is needed because when they do it they ‘feel better’. The reason why they feel better is because they have stressed their glands so much that it releases hormones. This is what makes people feel better temporarily, but really what has happened is the body has forced the adrenal glands to release hormones it didn’t really have in the first place, so now they are even more burned out in the long run even though a person may feel a short term temporary high.

Getting into the habit of stopping any rigorous exercise is important. That’s not to say don’t do anything, some form of movement is important. Many people think humans are runners. We are not, we are walkers. Walking is an excellent way of getting some exercise. You can go for a lovely gentle walk in nature and tick off plenty of things. 1. You are getting in some movement, 2. You are taking in some fresh air. 3. You are getting some nature time which is excellent for your mental health. 4. You hopefully are getting a little sun which is great for health as long as you’re not out baking in it all day. 5. You can also do the task mentioned earlier combining walking with slow movement and leg weights. 

Other good forms of exercise are gentle cycling, gentle swimming in non toxic environments and possibly gentle lifting. However, I have noticed that it’s easy to overdo these especially cycling and weight training. You can even overdo walking if you are scrambling around hills and walking for miles and miles, so be aware of the sneaky tricks the mind likes to pull to get you to over-exert yourself.

My advice would be to prioritise rest and try to get out and do a little walking as long as you don’t over-exert yourself. Depending on your level of burnout depends on how often you can get out and about. Once you begin the program you will get much more in contact with your body so you will naturally be able to tune into what you can handle. There are even websites on the internet where you can take dogs on a walk if you want to combine this too, you can even earn money doing this.

Try to eat regularly, for many people often skip breakfast. A healthy lifestyle and diet tip is to make sure you are eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For some people eating even more regularly maybe 5-7 meals a day is better if they have severe blood sugar issues.

Ensure you are chewing your food slowly, try to chew food around 20times. This may seem excessive but it takes a lot of pressure off your digestion. The more your food is broken up the less energy your body needs to digest it.

Be aware of what you are putting into your mental garden. Anything that whips the adrenals up into a stir you want to be staying away from. Again this may sound extreme but some people are so burned out that even a scary movie can stress their adrenals. Try to keep your mental garden happy and uplifted. Stop wasting time on Facebook with toxic people, watch funny movies and uplifting educational movies and tv programmes. I remember listening to a funny podcast when I was at my worst and it really helps to laugh when things seem terrible. There is something about humor that overrides the brain and gives some welcome relief through difficult times.

Where you live and work can be a powerful factor in healing. Many people are desperate for a bigger house, a faster car, the promotion that causes more stress but more money. It is true that money and some material possessions definitely can improve your life. In fact money is often an absolute must to have in order to live these days unless people are fortunate enough to not have to worry about that. However, if however you are earning money that is taking away from your personal relationships, happiness and other things then that is worst than the extra 10k a year or however much more you are making that only adds to extra burnout. 

A small simple house can often be better for most people, especially in the early stages of healing where a huge amount of energy is needed to rest and rejuvenate the body. Having a smaller house and simpler life causes less stress and is easier to maintain. 

Work is very important to balance. The best form of work is work you can do from home. If you can become an entrepreneur. By doing this you take full responsibility for your income, time, and who you are around. Going to work in an office or working for someone else can be challenging if your employer takes advantage of others or doesn’t give the employees adequate rest. Creating a healthy work life balance can be challenging but it is certainly important to build. Also, do not feel ashamed to ask for help financially from friends and family in the beginning of healing.


Sexual fluid loss will cause some seriously slow healing if it happens regularly. The best thing to do is to try and stop completely. It is in reality a complete waste of time and most men and women often do it because of boredom or loneliness. The best thing to do is to just quit, remove any pornography from computers and mobiles and realise at a deep level that your health is at stake for the sake of a few seconds. You will notice that as you retain your sexual fluids day by day and it may happen slowly at first, you will feel stronger, more clear have more energy and more. In fact this method can be one of the single most powerful ways of feeling better. As this newfound energy builds instead of wasting it by ejaculating you can focus the energy on creative things like building a business or enjoying time with friends. I understand that this section may trigger people. Many men in particular have literally built up an identity around masturbation. If this section is hard to hear the best thing to do is to try and take my word for it and just try it out, after a few weeks to a few months you will see what I mean. The difference can be astounding.

Sex can be a major issue for many people today, especially men. I will say this straight away in this section. MEN IF YOU ARE LOSING SEXUAL FLUIDS MORE THAN ONCE PER MONTH YOU WILL NOT HEAL PROPERLY!!, and I’m really sorry to say that it’s probably best to try to stop LOSING SEXUAL FLUIDS ALTOGETHER, especially in the beginning and especially if you are not in a committed relationship.  That is not to say you should stop having sex with your partner and enjoying sexual time together, however, try to lose fluid rarely. You will find that if you do this you not only will become stronger but you can divert that powerful creative sexual energy into all the other areas of your life.

it is best to look at relationships from a masculaine / feminine perspective like Yin and Yang. Men are more solid, sturdy, linear and grounded in their energy. Women are more fluid, spacial, and relationship orientated. There is no better or worse, both are important and both are needed for healthy relationships. Men are like elevators, they hold up a building, they are the core of a building, however, they are quite linear and give a very focused type of energy. But who wants a building with out any floors, sounds pretty boring. This is where the female energy comes in, they are the floor builders. Women are generally better at relating, they nurture life, they bring colour and a more spacial orientation. If you can have this mindset when entering relationships you will generally find you are better off. In same-sex relationships usually you will find one person will take on a more masculine type of energy and the other a female one, it tends to be universal. 

So if men are like elevator shafts and women are like floors, sexual fluid is like the glue or concrete that holds the structure together. Its flowing life force keeps the core structure strong, losing this energy regularly will make the shaft limp, the floors struggle to take root and things tend to collapse in on themselves. This is why holding onto your life energy is so important, we will be using this life energy to create our life vision further down the line. Thinking and manifesting your life’s vision or purpose across all categories of your life in my opinion is one of the main reasons why we are here. 

Many people these days fall easily into relationships often without really understanding the other. Within weeks or even days people have sex. Sex merges two people together, having sex very early in a relationship confuses people and often pushes the relationship forward far too quickly. If you are thinking of getting into a relationship ask yourself whether it is for the right reasons. Are you feeling a lack of self-love? are you lonely? are you looking more for financial security? or other similar things? If you are then getting into a relationship for the wrong reasons will often make the relationship unhealthfully codependent. This type of relationship is often built on low self-esteem, confusion, too much attachment, and more. This is a very common situation, however, it is often usually a powerful learning and training ground about what relationships are truly about so do not get upset if you think you are in such a relationship, vital life lessons are often learned here, I also went through many of these learning stages in relationships. 

Finding a partner can feel daunting if you feel you’re ready for one. However, there are some key things to look out for that tend to cause problems in relationships down the line if they are not understood early on. 

Here are some key things you should look out for.

1.    Try to have the same spiritual outlook. If one person for example is a Christian and the other is Muslim this often will not work because your core spiritual understanding is being pulled in different directions.

2.      Be very aware of red flags. Does the person flirt, do they like polygamy and loose sex? Do they lie, do they often turn up late for dates, do they eat very poor, do they smoke, drink, or talk about crude or sexual things all the time? These are often red flags for people and are strong signs of how a person may act further into the future. 

3.      Ensure you have the same views about children, does want one them and the other doesn’t?

4.      Ensure you have the same views about finances. Some people want to be rich while other people prefer to live on the dole. In general, its best to find someone who takes full responsibility for their finances and financial health

5.      Where do they want to live and work? Do they prefer a busy life and busy workplace where drinking often takes place at the weekend? Or do they like a quieter life which is better for the early days of healing and introspection.

6.      Do they like marriage and want to have no sex before marriage? A very easy way to figure out whether an individual is genuine or not is how they are around sex. Some people of course are just inexperienced and naïve. But some people get into relationships just to fuel their sex addiction. If a person gets uncomfortable in any way if you mention to them you will not be having sex until marriage or at the very least for a few months then this could be a red flag. A person should be getting into a relationship to figure out if this person can be their life partner, sex should not even be a question of priority.

I appreciate some of these point may sound strict. But believe me, they are not so strict and they will save you huge amounts of misery if you are careful. You will be spending an exceedingly large amount of time with your life partner if you choose to have one so it is paramount that you are 100% ready for this commitment and that you are with a partner who has a lot of similar values and interests to you. If you find that a relationship takes your energy then usually this will drain you. A healthy relationship is a balance of give and take, you should feel relaxed an safe, you should be able to heal and there should be no drama or very little. Any hiccup should get easily resolved by simple communication. If you find hiccups come up a lot and drama occurs a lot you need to take a close look at whom is the instigator. It may be both, don’t think you will find Mr or Mrs right if you are not Mr or Mrs right also.

Priorities are paramount in relationships. The reasons why you want to get into a relationship is also paramount. The main reasons should be.

1.      For deep companionship- You will be spending sometimes all day with this person, and they should 100% by your side. You will get to know these people on a very deep level which is great. Be sure it is ‘deep’ and not ‘addictive’. Some people in reality are addicted to their partners because they are very attractive or very intelligent for example. Understand the difference.

2.      For healing, you should get into relationships for the prime purpose of loving and healing the individual. Healing today and in this program actually means self-actualization. Which is nothing more than uncovering the full potential of your time on the earth, this is the main reason why we are here having this experience.

3 Try to live your life through Gods, or the creators of nature’s energy. Whatever feels more comfortable for you in the moment. This may sound a little woo-woo, or too religious for you at the moment. Which is fine you can take it or leave it for now. But I believe we are here to extract our soul image, to be the very best individual we can be in all areas of our life. I believe that we have come to the planet with a purpose and a vision and our mission is to try to extract that in order to be fully self-actualized. In order to do this we need to the energy of the creator flowing through us. We won’t feel this if we are too caught up in our relationship, job, or other things. Eventually, by following through with this program you will find a flow, and you will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency in all areas of your life. You will be able to extract your soul image or whole purpose. This means that the Creator should be your main source of energy, pull that energy down and let it flow out into the world. This often takes some time to understand but eventually, you can feel this energy and sit in it. This I believe is the best way to tackle your soul purpose.    

Relationships however are the bread and butter of life. Having a great love relationship is one of the most fulfilling aspects of living, it also can provide you with alot of safety, security and grounding. You often have a great support and companion for life that you can weather the storms and bask in the light as a team. Often you know whether you have a good partner or not in the bad times. If you get through struggles well, you will be much more likely to succeed.

Women, please do not take any contraceptive pills, patches or IUDs. They are extremely toxic and often send many women depressed, confused, and despairing. They can cause cancer, strokes, and heart disease. Please stop and remove them as soon as possible. If you are having sex a condom is best. If your partner is unwilling to wear a condom then this is also a big red flag.


Balance is the key to living well and wholesome and the key to enabling the complexity of the universe. Think Yin and Yang, Positive and Negative, Order and Chaos. Everything in the entire universe is made up of a vibration, it has a peak and a trough. Humans are no different and thinking about how to balance your life is very important. If you get out of balance in one area it often affects the rest. However, an important thing to understand especially in the early parts of healing is that you yourself are often very sick in a very unbalanced. Most people today are too ‘Yin’ or Chaotic in nature. Their bodies are too chaotic which causes sickness. Therefore if you are very Yin, you need to do very yang things initially to counterbalance the extreme Yin. Therefore often in the early stages of healing you need to do excess rest for example, an excess focus on Yang aspects of life so that eventually you will become more into balance. When I was healing for example I was so extremely Yin that for most days all I could do was lay around and not do too much. This obviously is not helpful in everyday life but I had to do it in order to counterbalance initially, so don’t be put off if you find yourself being overly centered towards a particular direction initially.

Here is a good list of life balance taken from Dr Lawrence Wilsons website.

1. Helping yourself versus helping others.  Thinking about and assisting others and their needs is a key to a balanced lifestyle.  However, this must be balanced with a healthy self-concern so that you do not ‘burn out’ helping others and forgetting to care for yourself and your own needs.

2. Thinking about the past and the future.  Without enough thought about the past, you are liable to make the same mistakes over again.  Without enough future orientation, you are liable to become depressed and discouraged.  Ideally, spend a lot of time in the present, not preoccupied with the past or the future.  Practicing the Roy Masters meditation daily will help greatly to keep you focused on the present moment.

3. Thinking positively and negatively.  Some people are too grounded or negative, while others are upbeat too often, usually because they are out of touch and in denial.

4. Starting and finishing projects.  People who tend to be starters only need to learn to complete what they begin.  Finishers must initiate more or little gets done without someone else prodding you all the time.

5. Social time and alone time.  This varies for each person.  However, too much socializing and travel is wearing.  Too much alone time could be harmful if one misses out on opportunities or becomes bored or depressed.  However, spending time alone each day is usually wonderful.

6. Balancing your moods.  This is a more subtle area.  All of us go through anger, fear, guilt and other emotions at times.  If we can balance these, we will generally stay much healthier than if we dwell on or stay in one mood most of the time.  The latter is called neurosis and even psychosis, as it represents a fixation of sorts and not a state of balance.

7. Healthful activity must be balanced with adequate rest, and some recreation and creative activity in most cases.

8. Work needs to be balanced with caring for the body and with time for rest and relaxation.

9. Loving the self and loving others.  It is important to balance your own need for rest, proper nutrition and every other aspect of a nutritional balancing program, and the needs of those around you.  Self love is essential for success with this program and for all healing, in fact.

I have managed to categorise 12 different areas of your life that you must be aware of and you must balance to be a high level individual in all areas of life. Remember however that initially, especially when you are ill you often become overly focused for example on the health and fitness category. However here are the 12 MAIN life categories you need to focus on here they are.

  1. Health and fitness. This is especially important for anyone following this program. Health is the foundation of life and the main focus of this particular section of the program.
  2. Intellectual life. What are you focusing your mind on. Your mind is like a garden. You want to be exposing your intellect to ideas, news and other things that feed your mind. Our mind as humans is our greatest asset. They say knowledge is power and it truly is. Without knowledge, it is hard to really manifest great things in this life. Listen to quality audiobooks, read excellent websites, watch powerful videos. 
  3. Emotions. In many ways if you win in this area of your life it’s a huge win in other areas. For most one of our main purposes in life is to be happy. Happiness comes from your emotions. Feelings of joy, bliss, fun, happiness and fulfillment come from your emotions. The good thing about this category is you can create recipes for experiencing healthy emotions on a regular basis. What makes you happy? What do you love to do? What makes you relaxed? Write these things down and plan them into your day. 
  4. Character. Your character is who you are as an individual. Are you integral, do you lie? Do you take full responsibility for yourself? Do you do what you say you are going to do? All these are based on your character. People with poor character do not seem to get very far with their lives. Focus on being an honest, kind, integral person who takes full responsibility for their lives. 
  5. Spiritual life. It’s important to really understand what sort of spiritual perspective you take on life. We believe God, or The one or the Creator is real. It’s only by tapping into Gods energy or force can you truly extract your soul image, purpose, and direction. Without this guidance creating what you truly want in life is hard. 
  6. Love relationship- Connection with another individual is not vital however a powerful love relationship is like a unit moving through life together. You can experience extreme highs in this area and with the right relationship creating and living becomes much more joyous and healing. 
  7. Parenting. Bringing up children can be one of the most empowering and beautiful things to be a part of. You are literally creating versions of yourself with their own lives and mindsets. Just like God created us, we can go on to create children.
  8. Social life. Having human connection is very important for people’s health and wellbeing. We are social beings and need human connection. 
  9. Financial Life. Financial life and career are 2 separate categories. You can have an awesome career but poor money management. Creating and keeping wealth is a skill, learn how to save for the future and live for today. 
  10. Career. This is for many where a person’s purpose lives. Finding work in the world that helps other people, you enjoy deeply and that works in a healthy financial model is in many ways one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. 
  11. Quality of life. It’s not just okay to earn plenty of money and have a great career but to live a low-quality life at the same time. Being surrounded by quality things that you enjoy and love is a little like the payoff for all your hard work. This is where your dreamhouse lives, your quality experiences with kids and life experiences etc. 
  12. Life vision. Your life vision is a culmination of all of your visions for the above 11 categories, think about what you truly want out of all the above categories to formulate your life vision. This becomes your north star and pulls you forwards. 

All of these categories are full programs within themselves.

For each category think about what your vision is for each category. 

Then write down why you want that vision

Then write down your strategy for achieving that, and do that for each category. However please realise that you probably won’t be able to manifest your career category for example without mastering the health category, so don’t get too caught up with each one too much.

Warmth try to keep warm at all times. Many people today promote cold therapy. We don’t believe this is the best idea for healing, the reason is most people’s bodies today are very sick and toxic. Whenever the body gets cold it has to use a tremendous amount of energy to just keep warm. Whenever this happens you slow down healing. When I lived in Thailand I healed much quicker because I was warm pretty much all of the time. I noticed when I returned to the UK, my healing slowed because of the temperature. So I ensure I keep my house warm at all times and wrap up when I go out. I bought a space heater and on cold days I keep the space heater next to me to keep warm. You could also shine a red heat lamp on yourself to keep warm also. In the 15+ years of being in the health field, I have only seen people heal quicker when they are warmer and heal slower when they are colder and on quite a few occasions I have seen people make their health worse by doing cold therapy. 

Rest, work, exercise, healthy relationships, sexual fluid retention, and warmth are probably the most important things to achieve in the lifestyle category, however here are some more key points you can do to improve your lifestyle.

Deep breathing is excellent for improving oxygen, and circulation and it is also a form of internal massage. You can do deep breathing for at least 15-30 minutes. You can do this while doing a sauna or an enema to save time for example although it is a little more difficult to do while doing enemas.

The best form of breathing is called the 3part breath. Here is how to do it.

Part 1. To a count of 3 or 4, breathe into your abdomen, and move the air down from your head toward your feet.  As you do this, your abdomen (the belly button area) should move outward.

Place a hand on your abdomen to test whether your abdomen is moving outward in a forward direction and a little down as you inhale.

 Part 2. Then, to a count of 3 or 4, breathe into your mid-chest.  At the same time, continue to move the air down from the head to the feet.  As you do this, your ribs should move outward to the sides, making your chest area wider.

Place a hand on one side of your ribs and notice if it moves outward to the side, and perhaps slightly downward toward your feet as you do this part of the three-part inhale.

 Part 3. Finally, to a count of 3 or 4, breathe into your upper chest.  At the same time, continue to move the air down from the head to the feet.  As you do this, the upper chest area should rise a little bit, all the way up to the collarbones.  Also, there may be a slight downward motion of the entire chest.

Sun exposure is excellent for health and wellbeing a good habit to get into is to try and get some sun exposure for 10-20 minutes per day, do not stay out in the sun all day though as you can burn the body and this causes more stress.

Chemicals– Remove all unnatural chemicals you can come into contact with in your home and workplace if possible. We literally live in a world of 100’000s of man made chemicals. We use them when we bathe, when we dress, we use them to clean our tables, and wash our clothes. All of these unnatural man-made substances are toxic to the body. And whenever they find themselves inside the body the body simply has to fight to remove them. The best thing to do is to completely get rid of all of these from the house. These include- antiperspirants, cologne, bleach, perfumes, cleaning products, detergents etc. They also include things like pesticides, solvents, paints, glue etc etc. Try to stop using these or minimise their use as much as possible. We are trying to give the body the best opportunity to heal and the last thing it needs is to contend with more chemicals while it is trying to heal.

Please remove all root canaled teeth. For most harbor infections even if you cannot feel it, it is best to have them removed and they can be a make-or-break solution for some people in order to heal. It is essential if one has cancer.

Also please remove silver amalgam fillings. These fillings contain mercury which leaches into the body, preferably have them replaced with composite resin fillings. Do not get fluoride treatments and do not get metal braces as they contain mercury, all will slow down healing.

Reduce your electromagnetic stress. This is a huge problem for some people. Many people have what is called EMF sensitivity. This is sensitivity to stray electromagnestic frequencies. Things like WIFI, 3G, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth, wireless phones and more. As much as mainstream media try to tell you it’s harmless pretty much the opposite is true and more and more countries and schools are putting a ban on things like wifi in primary schools and 5G in cities. It is very harmful to the body and will slow down healing. Again this can be triggering to many who believe the folks releasing these technologies wouldn’t release harmful radiation. But the truth of the matter is it is harmful. I have experienced extreme emf sensitivity and it is one of the most horrendous, debilitating problems anyone can have. Some top tips for emf sensitivity is.

Try to go around your house and turn off all things that emit radiation these can be, mobile phones, wifi, Bluetooth, wireless TVs, smart devices etc.

Use a wired landline connection to the internet via ethernet.

If you can turn off your house’s electricity at night this helps a lot.

Try live in a house that is not close to phone and electricity masts

Try to use a projector when working on your computer, this stops you from staring into the computer screen all day and it helps a lot.

Posture. Try to keep a straight posture. This can be difficult if one is sick and copper toxic, which most people are. As you heal and balance copper amazingly your posture also improves. I was amazed when this started to happen to myself. You can wear accessories that help train your posture, these are good. In general, the cheaper ones don’t work so well and can cause chafing. Posture has a subtle effect on one’s mind set. A drooped, hunched-over posture not only effects breathing but also sends subtle signals to your brain telling your psyche that self-esteem, self-love, and confidence are low. Having a good posture improves these three things too.

Imagine a wire tied or screwed into the crown of your head.  The crown of the head is not the middle of the skull, but instead nearer the back of the head.  Try to feel this place on your head with a finger, so you are clear where it is.  Ask someone for help if you are not sure.  Now imagine you are suspended from this wire.  If the spot is correct, when you lift your head by this point, your face will be vertical and the head will be perfectly level, not tilting forward or backward.

 Buy an ozonator. An ozonator basically converts 02 into 03. This is excellent for improving oxygenation in the cells. You can buy ozonators with ionizers which is excellent for healthy air. These can be left on around the house or in the bedroom at night. Some specialized machines allow you to oxygenate the water, which can be very powerful. Beware ozonating air and water can bring on healing reactions. Healing reactions are to be expected and you can learn more about them in the healing reactions section.

Visit a chiropractor. Chiropractic work is an excellent addition to the program, most people have subtle or not-so-subtle structural misalignments. Working with a chiropractor to undo misalignments can be excellent and should certainly be considered as an additional healing modality on top of the program. Usually, at some point in the healing program you may need to see a chiropractor. This is because the program slowly unwinds the body and at times structural misalignments need to be dealt with in order to move forward in ones healing journey so please be aware of this.

Bodywork.  Techniques like Rolfing, structural integration, and even deep massage techniques are very helpful for some people.  One can have a treatment once a month, if possible, especially if the body is changing quickly or one is under a lot of stress.  It’s important to have your wits about you when working with other healing practitioners that work face-to-face. Sometimes these people can be unclean, have poor energy and sometimes unfortunately be predatory. It’s always wise to ensure you get recommendations from people rather than randomly searching for bodywork practitioners.

An inversion table.  This device gently turns one upside down, expanding the spaces between the vertebra.  It can help undo the continuous effects of gravity on our bodies.  It is not needed, but some people find them helpful.

A rebounder or mini-trampoline.  This is another device that some people find helpful.  It is safe, simple, and not too costly if you do not do much exercise or to move the lymph around the body, in particular.


Changing your lifestyle is an ongoing journey. You will usually realise through wisdom or through trials that resting is one of the most important aspects of healing and living a good life in general. Most people understand this theoretically and they often do put it into practice for healing, however subconsciously their egos are desperate to get back to the hustle and bustle. So unfortunately there will be and usually are setbacks. The setbacks occur when people feel like they have more energy, so they will take on more work, take on a new job and do more around the house. What I am saying is not that you will never be able to do more things, but it’s important to get your priorities into perspective. Working 12 hours and becoming a millionaire for example will not make you healthy and happy if youre constantly stressed and burned out so this would be a bad priotity. Getting up in the morning and doing 10 errands, then running around after people all afternoon and finally cleaning the house, renovating the garage, and cleaning out the cupboards shouldn’t be something to aim for with regards to deep healing. Rather think like an animal. Although we are spiritual beings our bodies are similar to animals. Animals do not run around ragged all day. They rest, relax and have intermittent shifts of energy to play and hunt for example. Our ancestors had a good balance, they slept when the sun went down, woke on sunrise, they had a slow start to the day talking and cooking, and then often worked for around 4 hours a day, gathering food, building shelters, and tending to tools and other things. To end the day they would cook together, sing together and dance together. This is a perfect balance and you should be trying to at least recreate a similar flow even when you are feeling much better.

I for example have a very slow start to the day, I wake up, do an enema, take a sauna, eat my breakfast and other things. I usually do not start working until 11am. I will then usually take things easy and focus on work for 4-6 hours. Finishing in the late afternoon where I eat, spend time with my partner, family or friends ready for a healthy evening. On the other hand many people do the program well, get some energy and then take on a job working a 9-5, skipping their morning enema, skipping lunch because of too much work, and then, unfortunately, burn themselves out a few months in and then regret the decisions they have made. It’s always important to realise these people who work long hours are not people we should necessarily look up to. Their life is usually way out of balance in other areas and they are not in the best of health. These people are usually in fight or flight mode, living on stimulants like anger or coffee and their oxidation is very fast. They can often fall ill or sometimes even die suddenly of things like a heart failure or others. So please do not look up to these people as if you should be just like them. As bob marley says. Don’t worry, be happy. Bob was right!