HTMA Report Merge Tags

These are the list of merge tags you can use with the gv logic shortcode.

Calcium: {Calcium:1}
Calcium-previous number: {Calcium-previous number:132}
Calcium-difference: {Calcium-difference:135}
Calcium up: {Calcium up:453}
Calcium Retest %: {Calcium Retest %:149}
Calcium surge: {Calcium surge:978}
Magnesium: {mg:2}
Magnesium-previous number: {Magnesium-previous number:142}
Magnesium-difference: {Magnesium-difference:143}
magnesium %: {magnesium %:150}
Magnesium up: {Magnesium up:454}
Magnesium surge: {Magnesium surge:979}
Sodium: {Sodium:3}
Sodium-previous: {Sodium-previous:139}
Sodium-difference: {Sodium-difference:144}
Sodium %: {Sodium %:151}
Sodium up: {Sodium up:455}
Sodium surge: {Sodium surge:980}
Potassium: {Potassium:4}
Potassium-previous number: {Potassium-previous number:145}
Potassium-difference: {Potassium-difference:146}
Potassium %: {Potassium %:152}
Potassium up: {Potassium up:456}
Potassium surge: {Potassium surge:981}
Iron: {Iron:5}
Iron-previous: {Iron-previous:158}
Iron difference: {Iron difference:305}
Iron- percentage: {Iron- percentage:159}
Iron up: {Iron up:457}
everything up iron: {everything up iron:589}
Copper: {Copper:6}
Copper-previous: {Copper-previous:169}
Copper difference: {Copper difference:306}
Copper %: {Copper %:170}
Copper up: {Copper up:458}
everything out copper: {everything out copper:590}
Manganese: {Manganese:7}
Manganese-previous: {Manganese-previous:162}
Manganese difference: {Manganese difference:307}
Manganese %: {Manganese %:163}
Increase +: {Increase +:383}
manganese up: {manganese up:460}
everything out manganese: {everything out manganese:591}
manganese amigo: {manganese amigo:987}
Zinc: {Zinc:8}
Zinc-previous: {Zinc-previous:231}
Zinc difference: {Zinc difference:308}
Zinc %: {Zinc %:232}
Zinc up: {Zinc up:461}
Chromium: {Chromium:9}
Chromium-previous: {Chromium-previous:112}
Chromium difference: {Chromium difference:309}
chromium %: {chromium %:437}
chromium amigo: {chromium amigo:988}
Selenium: {Selenium:10}
Selenium previous: {Selenium previous:310}
Selenium difference: {Selenium difference:311}
Selenium %: {Selenium %:436}
selenium amigo: {selenium amigo:989}
Phosphorus: {Phosphorus:11}
Phosphorus-previous: {Phosphorus-previous:164}
Phosphorus difference: {Phosphorus difference:312}
Phosphorus %: {Phosphorus %:165}
Boron: {Boron:757}
Boron-previous: {Boron-previous:758}
boron amigo: {boron amigo:990}
Sulphur: {Sulphur:759}
Sulphur-Previous: {Sulphur-Previous:760}
Antimony: {Antimony:762}
Antimony-previous: {Antimony-previous:763}
Uranium: {Uranium:764}
Uranium-previous: {Uranium-previous:765}
Beryllium: {Beryllium:766}
Beryllium-previous: {Beryllium-previous:767}
Lead: {Lead:13}
Lead-previous: {Lead-previous:178}
Lead %: {lead %:182}
Increase +: {Increase +:379}
Mercury: {Mercury:14}
Mercury-previous: {Mercury-previous:179}
Mercury %: {Mecury %:183}
Cadmium: {Cadmium:15}
Cadmium-previous: {Cadmium-previous:180}
Cadmium %: {Cadmium %:184}
Cadmium +: {Cadmium +:377}
Arsenic: {Arsenic:16}
Arsenic-previous: {Arsenic-previous:181}
Arsenic %: {Arsenic %:185}
Increase +: {Increase +:380}
Aluminium: {Aluminium:17}
Aluminium-previous: {Aluminium-previous:160}
Aluminium %: {Aluminium %:161}
Aluminium +: {Aluminium +:381}
Nickel: {Nickel:19}
Nickel-previous: {Nickel-previous:174}
Nickel %: {Nickel %:177}
Nickel +: {Nickel +:382}
Nickel amigo: {Nickel amigo:992}
Cobalt: {Cobalt:20}
Cobalt previous: {Cobalt previous:320}
Cobalt difference: {Cobalt difference:321}
cobalt amigo: {cobalt amigo:993}
Molybdenum: {Molybdenum:21}
Molybdenum previous: {Molybdenum previous:318}
Molybdenum difference: {Molybdenum difference:319}
molybdenum amigo: {molybdenum amigo:994}
Lithium: {Lithium:22}
Lithium previous: {Lithium previous:316}
Lithum difference: {Lithum difference:317}
lithium amigo: {lithium amigo:995}
Germanium: {Germanium:768}
Germanium-previous: {Germanium-previous:769}
Barium: {Barium:770}
Barium-previous: {Barium-previous:771}
Bismuth: {Bismuth:772}
Bismuth-previous: {Bismuth-previous:773}
Rubidium: {Rubidium:775}
Rubidium-previous: {Rubidium-previous:779}
Platinum: {Platinum:778}
Platinum-previous: {Platinum-previous:776}
Thallium: {Thallium:781}
Thallium-previous: {Thallium-previous:782}
Vanadium: {Vanadium:783}
Vanadium-previous: {Vanadium-previous:784}
Vanadium amigo: {Vanadium amigo:991}
Strontium: {Strontium:785}
Strontium-previous: {Strontium-previous:786}
Tin: {Tin:787}
Tin-previous: {Tin-previous:788}
Titanium: {Titanium:789}
Titanium-previous: {Titanium-previous:790}
Tungsten: {Tungsten:791}
Tungsten-previous: {Tungsten-previous:792}
Zirconium: {Zirconium:794}
Zirconium-previous: {Zirconium-previous:793}

Oxidation rates:

Slow (includes slow mixed): {Absolute slow:996}
Fast (includes fast mixed): {Absolute fast:997}
mixed ox 1: {mixed ox 1:395}
mixed ox 1 prev: {mixed ox 1 prev:862}
mixed ox: {mixed ox:396}
mixed ox prev: {mixed ox prev:863}
mixed of fast/slow calc: {mixed of fast/slow calc:604}
mixed of fast/slow calc prev: {mixed of fast/slow calc prev:864}
ca/k over na/mg: {ca/k over na/mg:606}


Calcium/Magnesium – Ca/Mg: {Calcium/Magnesium – Ca/Mg:25}
Calcium/Magnesium – Ca/Mg – previous: {Calcium/Magnesium – Ca/Mg – previous:222}
Ideal of %: {Ideal of %:32}
Calcium/Potassium – CA/K: {Calcium/Potassium – CA/K:26}
Calcium/Potassium – CA/K – previous: {Calcium/Potassium – CA/K – previous:224}
Ideal of %: {Ideal of %:33}
Ideal of % – previous: {Ideal of % – previous:228}
ca/p improvement: {ca/p improvement:549}
ca/m improvement %: {ca/m improvement %:423}
Sodium/Magnesium – Na/Mg: {Sodium/Magnesium – Na/Mg:27}
Sodium/Magnesium – Na/Mg – previous: {Sodium/Magnesium – Na/Mg – previous:225}
Ideal of %: {Ideal of %:34}
Sodium/Potassium – Na/K: {Sodium/Potassium – Na/K:28}
Sodium/Potassium – Na/K – previous: {Sodium/Potassium – Na/K – previous:226}
improvement %: {improvement %:386}
Zinc/Copper – Zn/Cu: {Zinc/Copper – Zn/Cu:29}
Calcium/Phosphorus – Ca/P: {Calcium/Phosphorus – Ca/P:30}
Calcium/Phosphorus Previous- Ca/P: {Calcium/Phosphorus Previous- Ca/P:798}
Iron/Copper: {Iron/Copper:343}
Manganese/Zinc: {Manganese/Zinc:344}
Magnesium/ Sodium: {Magnesium/ Sodium:593}
Selenium/Thallium: {Selenium/Thallium:845}
Selenium/Thallium prev: {Selenium/Thallium prev:846}
Selenium/Phosphorus: {Selenium/Phosphorus:1007}
Calcium/Lead: {Calcium/Lead:824}
Calcium/Lead previous: {Calcium/Lead previous:801}
Iron/Lead: {Iron/Lead:802}
Iron/Lead previous: {Iron/Lead previous:825}
Iron/Mercury: {Iron/Mercury:803}
Iron/Mercury previous: {Iron/Mercury previous:826}
Selenium/Mercury: {Selenium/Mercury:804}
Selenium/Mercury previous: {Selenium/Mercury previous:827}
Zinc/Cadmium: {Zinc/Cadmium:805}
Zinc/Cadmium previous: {Zinc/Cadmium previous:828}
Zinc/Mercury: {Zinc/Mercury:829}
Zinc/Mercury previous: {Zinc/Mercury previous:806}
Zinc/Chromium: {Zinc/Chromium:1005}
Sulphur/Mercury: {Sulphur/Mercury:807}
Sulphur/Mercury previous: {Sulphur/Mercury previous:830}
Sulphur/Cadmium: {Sulphur/Cadmium:808}
Sulphur/Cadmium previous: {Sulphur/Cadmium previous:831}
Sulphur/Lead: {Sulphur/Lead:809}
Sulphur/Lead previous: {Sulphur/Lead previous:832}
Calcium/Strontium: {Calcium/Strontium:810}
Calcium/Strontium previous: {Calcium/Strontium previous:833}
Chromium/Vanadium: {Chromium/Vanadium:811}
Chromium/Vanadium previous: {Chromium/Vanadium previous:834}
Copper/Molybdenum: {Copper/Molybdenum:812}
Copper/Molybdenum previous: {Copper/Molybdenum previous:835}
Copper/Manganese: {Copper/Manganese:1003}
Chromium/Selenium: {Chromium/Selenium:1006}
Iron/Cobalt: {Iron/Cobalt:813}
Iron/Cobalt previous: {Iron/Cobalt previous:836}
Potassium/Cobalt: {Potassium/Cobalt:814}
Potassium/Cobalt previous: {Potassium/Cobalt previous:837}
Potassium/Lithium: {Potassium/Lithium:815}
Potassium/Lithium previous: {Potassium/Lithium previous:838}
Potassium/Iron: {Potassium/Iron:1002}
Magnesium/Boron: {Magnesium/Boron:816}
Magnesium/Boron previous: {Magnesium/Boron previous:839}
Sulphur/Copper: {Sulphur/Copper:817}
Sulphur/Copper previous: {Sulphur/Copper previous:840}
Selenium/Titanium: {Selenium/Titanium:818}
Selenium/Titanium previous: {Selenium/Titanium previous:841}
Selenium/Tin: {Selenium/Tin:819}
Selenium/Tin previous: {Selenium/Tin previous:842}
Zinc/Tin: {Zinc/Tin:820}
Zinc/Tin previous: {Zinc/Tin previous:843}

Client information

Client Full Name: {Full Name:679}
Lab Number: {Lab Number:680}
Metabolic Type (optional): {Metabolic Type (optional):795}
Sample type: {Sample type:869}
Type of specimen (optional): {Type of specimen (optional):796} = Head, Facial Hair, Under-arm, Pubic

sex male: {sex male:939}
Sex female: {Sex female:940}
Baby age – months: {Baby age – months:1035}
Child menstruating?: {Child menstruating?:1045}
Child menstruating? (Yes): {Child menstruating? (Yes):1045.1}

Pattern specific:

four highs: {four highs:873} = 1
three highs ca low: {three highs ca low:879} = 1
three highs mg low: {three highs mg low:878} = 1
three highs na low: {three highs na low:876} = 1
three highs p low: {three highs p low:875} = 1
Passive aggressive calc: {Passive aggressive calc:874} = 1
3 up first 4 total: {3 up first 4 total:496} = 1
3 up 2nd 4 total: {3 up 2nd 4 total:497} = 1
everything out: {everything out:588} = 1
step down 4 lows calc: {step down 4 lows calc:822} = 1
is calcium shell for both sexes: {is calcium shell for both sexes:1025} = 1
coming alive first four: {coming alive first four:1041} = 1
coming alive second four: {coming alive second four:1042} = 1
deep coming alive first: {deep coming alive first:1043} = 1
deep coming alive second: {deep coming alive second:1044} = 1
3 lows calc: {3 lows calc:919} = 1
kidney stress retest sodium: {kidney stress retest sodium:920} = 1
kidney stress retest potassium: {kidney stress retest potassium:921} = 1
kidney stress calc: {kidney stress calc:922} = 1
ca anchor: {ca anchor:401} = 1
mg anchor: {mg anchor:402} = 1
sodium anchor: {sodium anchor:403} = 1
k anchor: {k anchor:404} = 1
fe anchor: {fe anchor:405} = 1
cu anchor: {cu anchor:406} = 1
ma anchor: {ma anchor:407} = 1
zn anchor: {zn anchor:408} = 1
cro anchor: {cro anchor:409} = 1
se anchor: {se anchor:410} = 1
p anchor: {p anchor:411} = 1
li anchor: {li anchor:412} = 1
mo anchor: {mo anchor:416} = 1
co anchor: {co anchor:417} = 1
Number of anchors: {Number of anchors:415} = 1
poor eliminator count: {poor eliminator count:1024} = 1
poor eliminator count previous: {poor eliminator count previous:1040} = 1
four lows: {four lows:397} = 1

Sympathetic dominance:

is sympdom 1: {is sympdom 1:529} = 1
is sympdom 2: {is sympdom 2:530} = 1
Is symdom 3: {Is symdom 3:531} = 1
sd1 slow ox and k of 4 or less: {sd1 slow ox and k of 4 or less:744} = 1
sd2 Slow oxidation + Na/K 4 or more: {sd2 Slow oxidation + Na/K 4 or more:745} = 1
sd3 Potassium of 4 mg%: {sd3 Potassium of 4 mg%:746} = 1
sd4 Potassium of 3 mg%: {sd4 Potassium of 3 mg%:747} = 1
sd10 Potassium of 2 mg%: {sd10 Potassium of 2 mg%:754} = 1
sd6 Potassium of 1: {sd6 Potassium of 1:748} = 1
sd7 K less than 4, na/k greater than 3, ca/mg greater than 9.5: {sd7 K less than 4, na/k greater than 3, ca/mg greater than 9.5:749} = 1
sd8 K 4 or less, Na/K greater than 3: {sd8 K 4 or less, Na/K greater than 3:750} = 1
sd9 Four Lows is present: {sd9 Four Lows is present:751} = 1
The number of sympathetic dominance indicators are: {The number of sympathetic dominance indicators are::534}
Previous sympathetic dominance indicators: {Previous sympathetic dominance indicators:1026}

ca/k over na/mg prev: {ca/k over na/mg prev:865}
mixed ox calc: {mixed ox calc:650}

Hidden copper toxicity:

hc1 slow ox: {hc1 slow ox:704} = 1
hc2 cal above 70: {hc2 cal above 70:705} = 1
hc3 mag high: {hc3 mag high:706} = 1
hc4 k less than 4: {hc4 k less than 4:707} = 1
hc5 low zinc: {hc5 low zinc:708} = 1
hc6 high zinc: {hc6 high zinc:709} = 1
hc7 low copper: {hc7 low copper:710} = 1
hc8 high mercury: {hc8 high mercury:711} = 1
hc9 slow ox copper less than 1: {hc9 slow ox copper less than 1:712} = 1
hc10 cal/k greater than 10: {hc10 cal/k greater than 10:713} = 1
hc11 na/k less than 2.5: {hc11 na/k less than 2.5:714} = 1
hc12 p less than 13: {hc12 p less than 13:715} = 1
hc13 four lows: {hc13 four lows:716} = 1
hc14 four highs: {hc14 four highs:717} = 1
hc16 slow ox high na/k: {hc16 slow ox high na/k:719} = 1
hc17 calcium shell 165mg in women: {hc17 calcium shell 165mg in women:720} = 1
hc18 calcium shell 155mg in men: {hc18 calcium shell 155mg in men:721} = 1
hc19 step down: {hc19 step down:722} = 1
hc20 double low: {hc20 double low:723} = 1
hc21 bowl pattern: {hc21 bowl pattern:724} = 1
hc22 passive aggressive: {hc22 passive aggressive:725} = 1
hc23 passive aggressive men: {hc23 passive aggressive men:726} = 1
hc24 wasting ones time: {hc24 wasting ones time:727} = 1
hc25 extreme lifestyle stress: {hc25 extreme lifestyle stress:728} = 1
hc26 extreme lifestyle stress women: {hc26 extreme lifestyle stress women:729} = 1
hc27 hidden stress from within and without: {hc27 hidden stress from within and without:730} = 1
copper indicators previous: {copper indicators previous:1027}

Adrenal burnout:

ab1 slow ox ca/k: {ab1 slow ox ca/k:731} = 1
ab2 calcium shell men: {ab2 calcium shell men:732} = 1
ab2 calcium shell women: {ab2 calcium shell women:755} = 1
ab3 sodium less than 11mg: {ab3 sodium less than 11mg:733} = 1
ab4 Potassium less then 5mg%: {ab4 Potassium less then 5mg%:734} = 1
ab5 four lows: {ab5 four lows:735} = 1
ab6 p less than 12: {ab6 p less than 12:736} = 1
ab7 3 lows c high: {ab7 3 lows c high:737} = 1
ab8 3 lows mg high: {ab8 3 lows mg high:738} = 1
ab9 3 lows sodium high: {ab9 3 lows sodium high:739} = 1
ab10 3 lows k high: {ab10 3 lows k high:740} = 1
ab11 na/k less than 2.5: {ab11 na/k less than 2.5:742} = 1
ab12 phosphorus less than 10: {ab12 phosphorus less than 10:743} = 1
ab13 3 poor elims: {ab13 3 poor elims:1038} = 1
ab14 6 poor elims: {ab14 6 poor elims:1039} = 1
The number of adrenal burnout indicators you have are: {The number of adrenal burnout indicators you have are::533}
Previous adrenal burnout indicators: {Previous adrenal burnout indicators:1028}

Additional patterns:
To use these the gv logic should look like this as an example:

[gvlogic if="{Additional patterns (Digestive markers):962.1}" is="Digestive markers"]
You have selected digestive markers

Additional patterns (Digestive markers): {Additional patterns (Digestive markers):962.1}
Additional patterns (Infection markers): {Additional patterns (Infection markers):962.2}
Additional patterns (Liver stress markers): {Additional patterns (Liver stress markers):962.3}
Additional patterns (Iodine markers): {Additional patterns (Iodine markers):962.4}
Additional patterns (Stages of stress): {Additional patterns (Stages of stress):962.5}
Additional patterns (Armoring patterns): {Additional patterns (Armoring patterns):962.6}
Additional patterns (Hormone markers): {Additional patterns (Hormone markers):962.7}
Additional patterns (L-Shaped patterns): {Additional patterns (L-Shaped patterns):962.8}
Additional patterns (Surges and Collapses): {Additional patterns (Surges and Collapses):962.9}
Additional patterns (Trauma markers): {Additional patterns (Trauma markers):962.11}
Additional patterns (Hypoglycemia markers): {Additional patterns (Hypoglycemia markers):962.12}
Additional patterns (Allergy Markers): {Additional patterns (Allergy Markers):962.13}

Graph type:
Graph/ Chart Type: {Graph/ Chart Type:761}


To use symptoms the gv logic must look like this

Symptoms List (Joint Pain): {Symptoms List (Joint Pain):926.1}
Symptoms List (Joint Stiffness): {Symptoms List (Joint Stiffness):926.2}
Symptoms List (Arthritis, Osteo): {Symptoms List (Arthritis, Osteo):926.3}
Symptoms List (Arthritis, Rheumatoid): {Symptoms List (Arthritis, Rheumatoid):926.4}
Symptoms List (Muscle Pain): {Symptoms List (Muscle Pain):926.5}
Symptoms List (Muscle Weakness): {Symptoms List (Muscle Weakness):926.6}
Symptoms List (Muscle Cramps): {Symptoms List (Muscle Cramps):926.7}
Symptoms List (Bursitis): {Symptoms List (Bursitis):926.8}
Symptoms List (Fractures): {Symptoms List (Fractures):926.9}
Symptoms List (Osteoporosis): {Symptoms List (Osteoporosis):926.11}
Symptoms List (Gout): {Symptoms List (Gout):926.12}
Symptoms List (Sweet Cravings): {Symptoms List (Sweet Cravings):926.13}
Symptoms List (Sugar Reactions): {Symptoms List (Sugar Reactions):926.14}
Symptoms List (Irritable before meals): {Symptoms List (Irritable before meals):926.15}
Symptoms List (Can’t Skip Meals): {Symptoms List (Can’t Skip Meals):926.16}
Symptoms List (Hypoglycemia): {Symptoms List (Hypoglycemia):926.17}
Symptoms List (Crave Starches): {Symptoms List (Crave Starches):926.18}
Symptoms List (Fat Cravings): {Symptoms List (Fat Cravings):926.19}
Symptoms List (Other Food Cravings): {Symptoms List (Other Food Cravings):926.21}
Symptoms List (Food Allergies): {Symptoms List (Food Allergies):926.22}
Symptoms List (Excessive hunger): {Symptoms List (Excessive hunger):926.23}
Symptoms List (No hunger): {Symptoms List (No hunger):926.24}
Symptoms List (Diabetes): {Symptoms List (Diabetes):926.25}
Symptoms List (Rapid Heart Rate): {Symptoms List (Rapid Heart Rate):926.26}
Symptoms List (Skipped Heart Rate): {Symptoms List (Skipped Heart Rate):926.27}
Symptoms List (Heart Palpitations): {Symptoms List (Heart Palpitations):926.28}
Symptoms List (Heart Attack): {Symptoms List (Heart Attack):926.29}
Symptoms List (Poor Circulation): {Symptoms List (Poor Circulation):926.31}
Symptoms List (Dizziness): {Symptoms List (Dizziness):926.32}
Symptoms List (Low or High Blood Pressure): {Symptoms List (Low or High Blood Pressure):926.33}
Symptoms List (Angina): {Symptoms List (Angina):926.34}
Symptoms List (High Cholesterol): {Symptoms List (High Cholesterol):926.35}
Symptoms List (High Triglycerides): {Symptoms List (High Triglycerides):926.36}
Symptoms List (Cough): {Symptoms List (Cough):926.37}
Symptoms List (Bronchitis): {Symptoms List (Bronchitis):926.38}
Symptoms List (Asthma): {Symptoms List (Asthma):926.39}
Symptoms List (Post-nasal Drip): {Symptoms List (Post-nasal Drip):926.41}
Symptoms List (Sinus Congestion): {Symptoms List (Sinus Congestion):926.42}
Symptoms List (Allergies): {Symptoms List (Allergies):926.43}
Symptoms List (Emphysema): {Symptoms List (Emphysema):926.44}
Symptoms List (Fatigue): {Symptoms List (Fatigue):926.45}
Symptoms List (Hypothyroidism): {Symptoms List (Hypothyroidism):926.46}
Symptoms List (Low Body Temperature): {Symptoms List (Low Body Temperature):926.47}
Symptoms List (Cold in Winter/Dry Skin): {Symptoms List (Cold in Winter/Dry Skin):926.48}
Symptoms List (Tend to Gain Weight): {Symptoms List (Tend to Gain Weight):926.49}
Symptoms List (Hyperthyroidism): {Symptoms List (Hyperthyroidism):926.51}
Symptoms List (Acne): {Symptoms List (Acne):926.52}
Symptoms List (Eczema): {Symptoms List (Eczema):926.53}
Symptoms List (Fungal Infections/Candida): {Symptoms List (Fungal Infections/Candida):926.54}
Symptoms List (Psoriasis): {Symptoms List (Psoriasis):926.55}
Symptoms List (Hives): {Symptoms List (Hives):926.56}
Symptoms List (Hair Loss): {Symptoms List (Hair Loss):926.57}
Symptoms List (Slow Wound Healing): {Symptoms List (Slow Wound Healing):926.58}
Symptoms List (Cataracts): {Symptoms List (Cataracts):926.59}
Symptoms List (Glaucoma): {Symptoms List (Glaucoma):926.61}
Symptoms List (Meniere’s Disease): {Symptoms List (Meniere’s Disease):926.62}
Symptoms List (Tooth Decay): {Symptoms List (Tooth Decay):926.63}
Symptoms List (Excessive Plaque on Teeth): {Symptoms List (Excessive Plaque on Teeth):926.64}
Symptoms List (Gum Disease): {Symptoms List (Gum Disease):926.65}
Symptoms List (Infections/Viruses): {Symptoms List (Infections/Viruses):926.66}
Symptoms List (Tumors/Cancer): {Symptoms List (Tumors/Cancer):926.67}
Symptoms List (Multiple Sclerosis): {Symptoms List (Multiple Sclerosis):926.68}
Symptoms List (Parkinson’s Disease): {Symptoms List (Parkinson’s Disease):926.69}
Symptoms List (Scleroderma): {Symptoms List (Scleroderma):926.71}
Symptoms List (Fear): {Symptoms List (Fear):926.72}
Symptoms List (Anger): {Symptoms List (Anger):926.73}
Symptoms List (Anxiety): {Symptoms List (Anxiety):926.74}
Symptoms List (Bipolar Disorder): {Symptoms List (Bipolar Disorder):926.75}
Symptoms List (Brain Fog): {Symptoms List (Brain Fog):926.76}
Symptoms List (Confusion): {Symptoms List (Confusion):926.77}
Symptoms List (Depression): {Symptoms List (Depression):926.78}
Symptoms List (Irritability): {Symptoms List (Irritability):926.79}
Symptoms List (Mind Races): {Symptoms List (Mind Races):926.81}
Symptoms List (Mood Swings): {Symptoms List (Mood Swings):926.82}
Symptoms List (Obsessive/Compulsive): {Symptoms List (Obsessive/Compulsive):926.83}
Symptoms List (Panic Attacks): {Symptoms List (Panic Attacks):926.84}
Symptoms List (Poor Memory): {Symptoms List (Poor Memory):926.85}
Symptoms List (Schizophrenia): {Symptoms List (Schizophrenia):926.86}
Symptoms List (Trouble Sleeping): {Symptoms List (Trouble Sleeping):926.87}
Symptoms List (Suicidal thoughts): {Symptoms List (Suicidal thoughts):926.88}
Symptoms List (Autism): {Symptoms List (Autism):926.89}
Symptoms List (Attention Deficit): {Symptoms List (Attention Deficit):926.91}
Symptoms List (Hyperkinesis): {Symptoms List (Hyperkinesis):926.92}
Symptoms List (Dyslexia): {Symptoms List (Dyslexia):926.93}
Symptoms List (Seizures): {Symptoms List (Seizures):926.94}
Symptoms List (Learning Disability): {Symptoms List (Learning Disability):926.95}
Symptoms List (Mental Retardation): {Symptoms List (Mental Retardation):926.96}
Symptoms List (Delayed Development): {Symptoms List (Delayed Development):926.97}
Symptoms List (Bladder Infections): {Symptoms List (Bladder Infections):926.98}
Symptoms List (Kidney Infections): {Symptoms List (Kidney Infections):926.99}
Symptoms List (Trouble Urinating): {Symptoms List (Trouble Urinating):926.101}
Symptoms List (Frequent Urination): {Symptoms List (Frequent Urination):926.102}
Symptoms List (Painful Urination): {Symptoms List (Painful Urination):926.103}
Symptoms List (Kidney Stones): {Symptoms List (Kidney Stones):926.104}
Symptoms List (Water Retention): {Symptoms List (Water Retention):926.105}
Symptoms List (Sinus Headaches): {Symptoms List (Sinus Headaches):926.106}
Symptoms List (Tension Headaches): {Symptoms List (Tension Headaches):926.107}
Symptoms List (Migraine Headaches): {Symptoms List (Migraine Headaches):926.108}
Symptoms List (Neuritis): {Symptoms List (Neuritis):926.109}
Symptoms List (Eye diseases): {Symptoms List (Eye diseases):926.111}
Symptoms List (Constipation): {Symptoms List (Constipation):926.112}
Symptoms List (Diarrhea): {Symptoms List (Diarrhea):926.113}
Symptoms List (Intestinal Gas): {Symptoms List (Intestinal Gas):926.114}
Symptoms List (Bloating): {Symptoms List (Bloating):926.115}
Symptoms List (Heartburn): {Symptoms List (Heartburn):926.116}
Symptoms List (Ulcer): {Symptoms List (Ulcer):926.117}
Symptoms List (Stomach Pain): {Symptoms List (Stomach Pain):926.118}
Symptoms List (Colitis): {Symptoms List (Colitis):926.119}
Symptoms List (Gall Stones): {Symptoms List (Gall Stones):926.121}
Symptoms List (Fissures): {Symptoms List (Fissures):926.122}
Symptoms List (Hemorrhoids): {Symptoms List (Hemorrhoids):926.123}
Symptoms List (Cirrhosis): {Symptoms List (Cirrhosis):926.124}
Symptoms List (Diverticulitis): {Symptoms List (Diverticulitis):926.125}
Symptoms List (Tend to Gain Weight): {Symptoms List (Tend to Gain Weight):926.126}
Symptoms List (Tend to Lose Weight): {Symptoms List (Tend to Lose Weight):926.127}
Symptoms List (Anemia): {Symptoms List (Anemia):926.128}
Symptoms List (Easy Bruising): {Symptoms List (Easy Bruising):926.129}
Symptoms List (Dental Amalgams): {Symptoms List (Dental Amalgams):926.131}
Symptoms List (Drug Addiction): {Symptoms List (Drug Addiction):926.132}
Symptoms List (Alcoholism): {Symptoms List (Alcoholism):926.133}
Symptoms List (Smoking): {Symptoms List (Smoking):926.134}
Symptoms List (Visual Snow): {Symptoms List (Visual Snow):926.135}
Women: {Women:927}
Women (Premenstrual Syndrome): {Women (Premenstrual Syndrome):927.1}
Women (Water Retention): {Women (Water Retention):927.2}
Women (Cramps): {Women (Cramps):927.3}
Women (No Menstruation): {Women (No Menstruation):927.4}
Women (Heavy periods): {Women (Heavy periods):927.5}
Women (Light/Irregular Periods): {Women (Light/Irregular Periods):927.6}
Women (Ovarian Cysts): {Women (Ovarian Cysts):927.7}
Women (Fibroid Tumors): {Women (Fibroid Tumors):927.8}
Women (Abnormal Pap Smear): {Women (Abnormal Pap Smear):927.9}
Women (Menopause): {Women (Menopause):927.11}
Women (Fibrocystic Breasts): {Women (Fibrocystic Breasts):927.12}
Women (Breast Tumors): {Women (Breast Tumors):927.13}
Women (Yeast Infections): {Women (Yeast Infections):927.14}
Women (Hot Flashes): {Women (Hot Flashes):927.15}
Women (Currently pregnant): {Women (Currently pregnant):927.16}
Women (Abuse): {Women (Abuse):927.17}
Women (Rape): {Women (Rape):927.18}
Men: {Men:928}
Men (Prostate Problems): {Men (Prostate Problems):928.1}
Men (Impotence): {Men (Impotence):928.2}
Men (Infertility): {Men (Infertility):928.3}
Vegetarian / Vegan: {Vegetarian / Vegan:929}
Vegetarian / Vegan (Vegetarian): {Vegetarian / Vegan (Vegetarian):929.1}
Vegetarian / Vegan (Vegan): {Vegetarian / Vegan (Vegan):929.2}
Additional Children & Baby Symptoms: {Additional Children & Baby Symptoms:1034}
Additional Children & Baby Symptoms (ADHD): {Additional Children & Baby Symptoms (ADHD):1034.1}