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If you ALREADY have a HTMA, Hair Analysis Report can analyze your test and show over 400 patterns ranging from, copper toxicity indicators, adrenal burnout analysis, carbohydrate tolerance, personality tendencies and much more. If you have a HTMA test you can get one of our reports with supplement recommendations here.

If you DO NOT HAVE a HTMA analysis and would like one, you can get one from here which includes one of our reports and supplement recommendations.

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Hair Analysis Report V2

A educational app for Hair Mineral Analysis Tests and Retests. We currently analyze over 400 patterns and variations that is presented in an easy to read, simple report. Works with any hair test including ARL and TEI.




Are you looking for an up to date, thorough and accurate HTMA report? Hair Analysis Report, is the ONLY online hair analysis report generation app. We analyze over 100data points to provide practitioners and individuals with, precise, beautiful and informative Hair Mineral Analysis reports. 

Our app analyzes 100s of patterns, carbohydrate indicators, adrenal output trends, stress levels, liver and kidney functioning, copper toxicity patterns & hidden copper toxicity indicators plus much much more. 

Our aim is to extract the huge amount of data found within a hair mineral analysis chart into usable, to-the-point, informative reports anyone can use to help one on their journey to health. 

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27 hidden copper toxicity indicators

13 adrenal burnout indicators

8 fight or flight (sympathetic dominance) indicators

Over 400 HTMA patterns

What can you see on a
Hair Mineral Analysis Report?

Metabolic Type

Are you a slow, fast or mixed metabolizer? Your metabolic type is a big factor in how you feel and your energy levels. Hair Mineral Analysis can see very precisely what metabolic type you are currently in.

Carbohydrate Tolerance

How well your body is currently handling sugar and carbohydrates plays a big role in many factors. Ensuring you are properly balancing your blood sugar levels is critical for keeping healthy and energetic.

Adrenal & Thyroid Health

In the 21st century, the Adrenal & Thyroid health is not appreciated anywhere near as much as it should be. Most people today have some degree of adrenal ‘fatigue’. Because the thyroid & adrenal gland work in unison often the thyroid health is also poor.

Stages Of Stress

Are you in the exhaustion or the resistance stage of stress? Finding out what stage you are in can go along way in understanding what to do to get out of it, a properly performed Hair Mineral Analysis test can help determine your stage of stress.

Energy Production

How well are your cells producing energy? Only from testing tissues and cells can you figure out how the cellular energy systems are operating.

Personality Tendencies

Maybe you have a personality trait that can be holding you back? By analyzing a hair mineral analysis test properly you can see some personality traits that need to be worked on in order to improve health.

Lifestyle Imbalances

Amazingly a Hair Mineral Analysis can see whether or not a person is experiencing lifestyle stress. A stress that is happening outside of the body. Dealing with this stress can go along way in improving your health.

Toxic Metal Accumulation

Toxic metal accumulation in the 21st century is the worst it’s ever been. However, testing for them can be challenging. Using a hair mineral analysis test is one of the best ways of taking a look at a person’s toxic metal load on the body.

Up to 40pages of information

From 1 report!!

  • I've been a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing practitioner and coach since 2007. Lewis' HTMA app makes preparing client test reports much faster, and my clients appreciate the graphs, explanations of the patterns, and links to more information. This app is a useful tool for both new and experienced practitioners.
    Susan Cachay, BEd, MC, RNCP, MNBP
    Susan Cachay Nutrition & Counselling
  • By retesting every 2 to 4 months and plugging my result into the app, I was able to not only find the correlation between my improvements, symptoms, and the lab result but also understand it in a detailed yet simple-to-understand report which provided clarity and direction along the way.
    Bryan Dossantos
  • This Hair Analysis App ticks off all the boxes -   It is accurate, well thought out, well laid out and in a format that is easy to read and understand.  It simplifies the complex and provides a great service in allowing the end user to read about their hair tissue mineral analysis in a comprehensive format.  Well done!
    Rosemary Slade
    Better Living with Rosemary