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Hair Mineral Analysis is a powerful way of assessing the health of an individual. From insights on adrenal & thyroid strength, hormone strength, carbohydrate tolerance, heavy metal toxicity, metabolic typing and many many more.

Created by experienced practitioners drawing on decades of research our online HTMA system is the no1 and only online Hair Mineral Analysis Report generator.

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FREE Report


Free initial HTMA report

  • The HTMA Ratios
  • Oxidation type
  • 10 Major Patterns
  • Copper Toxicity
  • Adrenal Burnout
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
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Full Report


Full Initial Report

  • Everything in the free program +
  • Positive Patterns
  • Access to over 200patterns & Variations
  • 20+ Copper Toxicity Indicators
  • 15+ Adrenal Burnout Indicators
  • Slow mixed & Fast mixed calculations
  • Educational graphs
  • Full descriptions
  • Links to further reading
  • Quantitative patterns
  • Poor Eliminator Patterns
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Retest Report


Main report & retest report

  • Everything in the full report +
  • Analyze retest tests (150 extra patterns)
  • Ratio changes
  • First four retest patterns + analysis
  • Second four retest patterns + analysis
  • 100s of patterns only found on retests
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Supplements + Education Report


Supplements Report

  • Personalized supplement recommendations
  • Detailed explanation of each supplements role
  • Information on supplements and healing reactions
  • Education on individuals' patterns and supplements
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Please note. The app measurements are in mg%. If your measurements are in ug/g please divide each result by 10 before entering the numbers into the app. ARL labs and Trace elements reports are in mg%. Other reports may be in ug/g please check this first.

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