Below you will find changes, additions, retractions and new features.


Added app settings dashboard to set default settings.


Added Dr L Wilson graphs


Add WhatsApp support service


Now the app uses ENCRYPTED DATA to encrypt user and client data

Information has been added for low phosphorus (impaired protein synthesis)


Hidden copper now shows as 7 of 23 rather than just 7 for example. Same for sympathetic dominance and adrenal burnout


Added- Text to tell people to continue when adding in coupons


Added- OCR Optical Character Recognition, you can now simply upload your PDF files to the app and it will auto-extract the HTMA data!!


Added- Gum pain/issues into copper healing reaction app

Added – Ca/Mg, Na/K text after the ratios so people know that Na/K stands for Sodium/Potassium etc


Added- copper dumping may increase sodium levels

Fixed- Chart not showing properly on certain screen sizes when printing


Added: Information on how if a male goes into fast oxidation from four lows it may be because of ejaculation

Added: Ratios now show periodic values, eg (Ca/Mg), (Ca/P) etc on titles.

Changed: We have changed the term toxic metal ‘dumping’ to ‘increasing’. There is no solid data on when technically a metal is ‘dumping’ so we just highlight the metal is increasing and it is up to the practitioner to discern whether the toxin is indeed ‘dumping

Changed: Amigo dumping to amigos increasing.

Feature: Trace elements for practitioners now has ‘strict trace mode’ available, this makes the reports stick to the references on the trace elements lab reports. We find these to not be as accurate as working with ideal values so we don’t recommend using it, however, if practitioners stick to the trace references then the application can look confusing as we use different reference ranges on the reports.

Fixed: Calculation error on some copper hidden indicators.