Report builder application

Thankyou for your interest in our report builder. There are a few things you need to be aware of before applying to build reports on our application

Building reports can take a long time due to the number of htma patterns, if you truly want to make a report from scratch this is great, however if you only want to make a few changes to text or other things we recommend you use our report change request form to change things on our default reports.

We have tried to make the builder as simple as possible, but at times especially if you need more specific design elements you may need to add in some basic HTML, if you watch the video above you can see how you can easily generate HTML without knowing how to code.

Using this builder you will practically be able to make any report, ranging from HTMA reports, supplement reports, troubleshooting reports and more.

Once you have created your report please get in touch with us for us to publish the reports live. It is free to build reports, once the reports have been built there will be a charge to generate each report. Currently, reports are £10 (~$12). If you are building other reports depending on their size we may be able to change the pricing.

Once you feel you have finished the report we will go through it to check for any potential issues, then we will thoroughly test each report before going fully live.

We hope you enjoy the HTMA report builder!